Yorkshire Water Update – 26th March 2014

Yorkshire Water Update – 26th March 2014

Hey Guys,

I’ve had my first water bill in a year today, but first let me just recap…..

Back in February / March 2013 I had a water meter installed, and afterwards found out that I was using 1 unit a month and ended up being billed £17 a month, £14 monthly standing charge & £3 for the unit.

In April 2013 I stopped using mains water as I refused to pay £14 a month for nothing. I then started spending £14 a month on bottled water. Yes I was saving £3 a month, but I didn’t really do it for the saving money. I did it as Yorkshire water was making millions and paying very little (if any) UK tax, but then trying to make me pay a £14 a month for a standing charge.

When December came I have a phone call from Yorkshire Water (following some more media work I did). Where they offered to drop my monthly standing charge to 6 pounds something a month instead of £14 which is over a 50 percent reduction.

I was happy with this offer and agreed to it. To make things easy I said I would pay £7 a month for my standing charge (ie round it up), plus I would make a £3 payment each time I use 2 units. Then every quarter when I get a normal water bill it would all of been paid anyway.

Water Bill – 21st March 2014 (for the period 9th December 2013 – 13th March 2014)



As you can see from above I have used 5 units for these 4 months, plus the standing charges is a total of £33.65 (Including £0.00 VAT).

I have paid a total of £45, this bill is £33.65 so I have a credit on my Yorkshire Water account of £11.35.

Following on:

I will be changing the £7 monthly standing charge to £2 weekly. This is because I enjoy paying my bills weekly, plus my water account will be going into even more credit, but it’s ok.

As for the units, I am now paying £4 each time I hit a unit instead of £3, again, this is just to slowly build up credit in my Yorkshire water account.


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