Weight Loss Wednesday – 7th May 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday – 7th May 2014

Hey Guys,

Well it’s been 3 weeks since my last Graze box blog and this time I want to talk about a special feature which lets you rate the food you have been sent. It also lets you rate ALL Grazes food, but I like to keep an open mind so I only rate once I have received a box.

Once you have been sent a box you will be then sent an e-mail asking you to rate the foods you have received or you can just go to the Graze website and you will see the below screen shot.

Graze 3

The food will be already rated as “try” then all you need to-do is rate them as “Bin” if you hated them, “Like” if you like them, or “love” if you REALLY liked them! As you can see I have rated fruit and seed flapjack and herby bread basket as “love” as I really did enjoy them. Plus I rated pear tatin and toffee apple as “like as I did enjoy them, but didn’t REALLY like them as much as the other two.

In my last Graze blog I said how I had been sent popcorn that you needed to cook and as I could not cook them they went in the bin, well this problem is also fixed now…..

Graze 4

As you can see from above I have managed to rate all the popcorn has “Bin” this means it never gets sent, so never gets wasted. This is what I really love about the rate system, it helps us not waste food if we are being sent something we don’t like or can’t eat etc.

But yep, you guessed it, I have had a small problem too, but I have to be honest, I can not blame Graze for this, it’s Nationwide, my bank.

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend by Visa got damaged, I tweeted my bank and they agreed to send me a new one out (I love how everything can be done via Twitter these days). The new Visa has arrived and perfect timing, I had a e-mail from Graze offering me a FREE box once I put in my new card information.

Graze 1

I tried to put in my new Visa information, but kept getting an annoying error message. I have since spoken to the Nationwide and they are currently running some tests on my card, hopefully it should be back to normal come Monday, then I can start getting my weekly box again.

So yep, that’s it for this Graze blog and my next one will be about the most important thing you get from a company…….the customer service!!!!

Till next time,
Newt x

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