Weight Loss Wednesday – 18th December 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday – 18th December 2013

Hey Guys,

Not sure about you, but boy it’s gotten cold in Yorkshire this week. I have my onesie, jogging bottoms & a jumper on just to keep warm., but it is working so am happy 🙂

Anyway lets crack on.

In my last Wednesday blog I said how I wanted to try and use my local Leeds market fruit box scheme, unfortunately it didn’t go to plan cost wise. In-fact when I worked it all out it would cost an extra £2.50 to shop local than to use Riverford who I have been using for years. So that was a no-no. I’m all for shopping local, but not when it’s cheaper to use Riverford Organics.

As you guys know I normally buy 18Kg Apples, 14Kg Oranges plus a few kilograms of carrots once a month from 3663, on-top of my Riverford weekly fruit box. Bad news though is 3663 are bringing in a £75 min spend and there is no way I would reach that. So I dropped a e-mail to Riverford on the 16th to try and get them to price-match (or to come as close as possible) as I need so much fruit for my Jason Vale juices.

Riveford didn’t e-mail back so today I took to Twitter and within 10mins had a call from a lad called Dan, who was very very helpful. I explained what has happened with 3663, what I pay etc and he said he would call me back later on in the day after he spoke to some managers.

Just after that call, Chris, my local Riverford driver, called and I explained to him what has happened with 3663. He asked me to e-mail him the prices and he would get back to me. (think this may have been a cross-line between Chris & Dan, but no worries).

Dan did phone me back 10mins later. He had found out Riverford are just about to launch special Juice boxes for people like me who love to juice. Unfortunately it is still early in progress and we have no prices to play around with yet, but should find out more in a few weeks.

Dan has kept my number etc and will be calling me back in the next 2 weeks with a update, this seems like good news and wow…….Dan gave some AMAZING customer service.

This morning I was fed-up that Riverford had failed to reply to my e-mail, but after Dan going out of his way to help I am feeling very positive again.

Till next time,

Newt x

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