Weight Loss Wednesday – 16th April 2014 – Graze Edition

Weight Loss Wednesday – 16th April 2014 – Graze Edition

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about a company called Graze. Most of you may have heard about Graze already, I know I first used them all the way back in 2009, 5 years ago (god I feel old ), but I started using them again 2 weeks ago.

First who are Graze?

Graze are a company that sell small, letter box size, healthy snacks that you are meant to “graze” on at home, or at your desk at work.

Photo 1

What do you get?

In each letter size box you get 4 punnets of healthy snacks. Back in 2009 I used to get 3, but since I started using them again this year I have always had 4 so far.

Photo 2

Is it Value for money?

For most “normal” people yes, it would be, but…

For me, no, not at all. Each box is £3.89 including delivery. Considering my weekly electric bill is around £1-£1.50 a week (click here), a weekly Graze box is more than double my electricity bill!

With this in mind I was going to cancel after this blog, but after I logged into my account I have noticed my account says “special £2.99 price point (normally £3.89)”. Not sure how I have got this offer, maybe it has something to-do with having an account sine 2009, since I am getting this discount I have decided to carry on with Graze just for a few more months.

Here are the two boxes I have had so far (3rd April & 10th April), first off the box for the 3rd

3rd April

In this box I was sent Fruit & Seed Flapjack, Herby Bread Basket, Pear Tatin and Toffee Apple. It might sound strange, but my favourite was the Herby Bread Basket, followed by the Fruit & Seed Flapjack. My least favourite was the Pear Tatin.

3rd Toffee Apple 3rd Herby Bread Basket 3rd Pear Tatin 3rd Fruit & Seed Flapjack

Next box, the 10th was a little disappointing. In this box I was sent Marvellous Macaroon, Lightly Salted Popcorn, My Thai and Mixed Olives with rosemary & lemon.

10th Lightly Salted Popcorn 10th Marvellous Macaroon 10th Mixed Olives With Rosemary & Lemon 10th My Thai

My favourite was the amazing My Thai, it was so so nice, but for some reason I was sent a pack of Lightly Salted Popcorn that needed to be cooked! When I first used Graze back in 2009 we NEVER needed to cook anything and I have to admit, this came as a surprise, as I do not use or have a microwave they have ended up in the bin. Such a disappointment as I hate wasting food.

Anyway, that is what I got in the first two boxes and I will update you next week on what comes in that box.


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