Website Review – Swagbucks – 7th December 2014

Website Review – Swagbucks – 7th December 2014

Hey Guys,

So it’s been 3 and a half weeks since my last Swagbucks Blog as promised here is an update.

If-case you have not read the 1st blog I did on Swagbucks yet click here and read that first or the rest of this blog might sound a bit confusing.

So yep, I have been using Swagbucks everyday since my last blog and I have managed to claim £25 of Amazon Vouchers, not bad for just over 3 weeks, but I know what you want – the proof – well here is a few screen shots….

First this is where my gift cards are stored. I have blacked out the order ID’s, but you can see the dates very clearly, this shows £15 (3 x £5 each, I like to claim each time I hit £5)


The other £10 is here (to total the £25), as I only requested this today it’s not in my normal gift card part of my Swagbucks account, it’s still pending till they send it (The voucher e-mail is normally sent within just a few days).


How have I been doing it? – Well really it’s the system I talked about in my first blog about Swagbucks, and that’s it, takes 20mins a day and really what is 20mins, not even 1 episode of Corrie!

So give it a go, sign up and just have fun, do a few surveys, play a few games, watch a few video clips. If you get bored pop on a DVD at the same time, listen to some music, after all it’s only 20mins a day for £25 in 3 weeks? I for one think that is good.

Oh and one more screen shot for you, my Amazon Account, just so you can see the vouchers they give actually work…..


As you can see, they do add-up in no time at all!

I’ll do another Swagbucks update blog in around 4 weeks again, just to update on how things are going.

Till next time,
Newt x

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