Website Review – Swagbucks – 19th January 2015

Website Review – Swagbucks – 19th January 2015

Hey Guys,

So it’s been 6 weeks since my last blog about Swagbucks, the website I use to earn Amazon vouchers. In-case you haven’t read my first two blogs here they are, 1st from November 2014 and the other, from December 2014.

I have to confess, with it being Xmas and New Year the surveys dried up a little for a few weeks. So while I have still managed to claim a good few Amazon vouchers it’s not as much as I would of liked.

So in the last 6 weeks I’ve earned a grand total of £35 of Amazon Vouchers. The first £25 is here, like last time I’ve blanked out my order ID’s to protect myself.
Swag 1
The other £10 is here (to total the £35), as I only requested this today it’s not in my normal gift card part of my Swagbucks account, it’s still pending till they send it (The voucher e-mail is normally sent within just a few days).
Swag 2
So since I started doing this Swagbuck blogs I’ve shown you proof of £35 for this blog and £25 in my last one, for what? 20Mins work for day? It’s crazy.

So, sign up, give it a go and see how many Amazon vouchers you can earn. But before you do, make sure you read my first blog for a FULL step by step guide, so your not just wasting your time.

Oh and lastly, a screen shot of my Amazon account. Have to be honest, my Amazon account is looking pretty weak this month, as I needed to buy a new DVD drive a few days ago as my laptop one broke, oh and I needed to a few new DVDs. Like I said last time, this Amazon screen shot is just to prove that the vouchers do in-fact work!
Amazon 1

Till next time,

Newt x

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