Website Review – Inbox Pounds Update – 10th February 2015

Website Review – Inbox Pounds Update – 10th February 2015

Hey Guys,

It is not even funny how long this update blog has been on my to-do list, in-fact I was meant to get it done in November 2014, and what are we now? Just started February 2015. Oh boy, well better late than never!

So what is this blog about? Well, Inbox Pounds, I first did a blog on Inbox Pounds last summer and since then I have had another 3 £20 cheques. My last one came mid November (hence me wanting to get this blog done then to update everyone), and like previous payments, the cheque came within a week of requesting it from the site, where I banked it into my Halifax bank account on the 18th December(Just after I finished doing a radio interview at BBCLeeds with the beautiful and stunning Liz Green).

Here are a few photos on the cheques as proof that they actually arrived:

1 2 3 4

I also want to reply to a few emails and comments I have had from people calling Inbox Pounds a fake site, or how they only pay 5p per survey. I’m sorry but this is not the case.

While yes, some websites like Swagbucks you can earn £5-£10 per week (which you can read up on with my latest Swabucks blog), then there are other sites like Inbox Pounds that you do not use everyday, but maybe 2-3 times a week for 10mins here and there, and due to this it is a little slower to reach the set cashout point, but just because it is slower does not mean it is a scam. If it was then why would they send cheques?

As for the surveys, Inbox Pounds send you a mix depending on who you are, some might be 5p, some might be 50p, I got a £1 one the last week.


So while yes, it might be a little slower than Swagbucks to make large sums of money, Inbox Pounds still pay you, and trust me, if it was a scam I would be the first person to be blogging and kicking off on Twitter, and as for the status of my account now? Well I’m currently on £13.57 so should be hitting my next 20 quid cheque in a few weeks.


Till next time,

Newt (Lee) x

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  1. I agree Inbox pounds is an easy was to earn some extra cash. My earnings are about the same as yours. I mostly use the paid to search page to earn most of my money.

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