Update on SSE – 26th Feb 2016

Update on SSE – 26th Feb 2016

Hey Guys,

Today I would like to-do a special blog post about the energy company SSE. But be warned, I am not beating about the bush and this blog post will be very blunt, and very hardcore. You have been warned…..

Anyway, I joined SSE a few years ago now. I moved because Npower (who I was with at the time) brought in standing charges and I needed a no-standing charge tariff.

At the start everything was fine, when I had a problem I would tweet SSE and a girl called Holly would reply. After a few months this changed. Holly left the social media team and a bloke called Michael (or Mike as he sometimes go by) took over. Without being too rude Michael was nothing but a total cunt. He treats people like pure scum and time and time again I would rip into him on Twitter. Michael is the sort of man you would not even piss on if he was on fire. (For legal reasons I must state this is just my own opinion of him)

Then things started to improve, I was given an account manager called Rosemary and Jo took over the day to day running of social media. This carried on for a good few years, until just a few months ago. Jo left twitter and Rosemary started to blank emails, and her colleague Liz started to take over the running of my account.

After a while Liz started to lie, in November 2015 I had a brand new gas boiler installed and I would speak to Liz every Monday to check my gas usage. Then one Monday she said she was away on holiday the following week and we would catch up the week after. Anyway, I had a problem that week and kicked off on Twitter, guess who phoned me? Yeah you guess it, Liz. The same women who told me she was off for a week. If your going to lie to me, at least stick to the flaming lie.


Around the same time as all this was going on I was sent a 3p Gas bill from SSE, even though I had used no gas at all, while I am not going to go into all that again on this blog, if you want to pop over to The Mirror you can read my story about the 3p bill there.

Then just to piss me off that little bit more, my internet went down for 4 days. While any normal company would fix the problem and pop a goodwill credit on my account. Not SSE, oh no no no. After I spent 2 weeks moaning on Twitter Rosemary finally called me, on this phone call she refused the goodwill payment. In-fact she said something along the lines of “You do not pay for the internet, you pay for your phone line and we give internet for free”, so in other words “We can take you offline as much as we like”

For me this was the last straw. I have left. My electricity has already gone to my new provider, my Gas is due to complete next Friday, and my new internet provider will be a few weeks too as I am still in the middle of negotiations with them.

Plus what is more, my new energy supplier is actually cheaper than SSE which is a really nice surprise. But I will do a new blog post next week about who my new provider is, the costs, unit rates and all that stuff.

Till then and more updates of how things go,
Lee (Newt)

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