The Update

The Update

Hey Guys, Girls, Pets and everyone else 🙂

Firstly you will noticed we have had a bit of a make over and here is why…

When I first started this blog the reason behind it was due to me starting to live with no gas/hot water or heating.

But like all things in life things changed. I then decided to start trying to cut down on every bill I had, electricity, water, phone, mobile etc, and what started as more of a blog/diary for myself to see how far I had come,  it has turned out that  more and more people are reading the blogs to see how to go about it themselves.

So I have decided to make a few changes to make not only my life easier to manage but also to get some structure based around it as well and also to help even more people out in the ways of saving money and finding out how I live my life.

With this all in mind here is the new weekly lineup:

  • Meter Reading Monday: Worry not, Meter Reading Monday is till here. I know you all love it and even a few of the staff at SSE are reading Monday’s blog.
  • Telecom Tuesday: Telecom Tuesday is new. Every week (on a Tuesday) I will be posting how many phone calls i have made, who to & how much they have cost me. I am doing this in the hope I can get my phone calls down to £0 and to just have a basic £19.99 for line rental and internet.
  • Weight Lose Wednesday: This is new too. As most of you will already know I have lost over 5 stone this year with still a lot more to lose. I will be posting how many pounds (Lbs) I have lost in the last 7 days (or how many I have put on) and any tips, tricks I have found.
  • The mystery of Thursday and Friday: As for Thursday & Friday I do not have any formal planning for these days. You may get a blog about pretty much anything. Or if I don’t have anything to post I will leave it till Meter Reading Monday.

There you have it… I have  been working hard on sorting out the site and its a brand new theme. Not sure about you, but I love it.

Till Monday,

Newt x

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