THE ALL NEW – Snuggaroo Sunday

THE ALL NEW – Snuggaroo Sunday

Hey Guys,

We have Meter Reading Monday, Telecom Tuesday, Weight-loss Wednesday. But where is the fun I hear you cry? Well cry no more as I introduce you to Snuggaroo Sunday.

But who are Snuggaroo, what is Snuggaroo Sunday, why a Sunday blog? Well don’t worry I will explain all…..

If you know me in the offline world, have me on Twitter or Facebook you will know I love my DVD’s and Box Sets. This is my main guilty pleasure and as such always wanted to do a blog about it, the problem is there is not a day of the week that starts with the letter D so my idea has been on-hold.

Then last month I was contact on Twitter by a company called Snuggaroo and asked if I wanted them to send me one of their onesies to use to keep me warm this winter. I agreed, It came the next day and BOY is it warm.


It’s like being comfy in bed but being able to move about and I always wear it while I am sat at my desk watching DVD’s…..then it hit me….

I would have a day called Snuggaroo Sunday, where I post a blog about one of my DVD / Box Sets I have watched that week. At last I had my day and had the two SS’s.

So make sure you check-out my blog on a Sunday now too to read my review of that weeks DVD or Box set and lets all get in out onesies and relax together.

Oh and for the cynics out there (I know I have a few) Snuggaroo are not paying for these blogs. I am using the name as it matches well with Sunday and what’s more there just a small group of 4 students selling xmas jumpers and onesies and we all love them right ?

So I will see you next Sunday for Snuggaroo Sunday when I will be talking about the movie Oliver!

Until then here is a little taster:


Newt x


[divider style=”shadow”]If you are interested here is the link to the onesie they sent me 🙂





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