Telecom Tuesday – 8th October 2013

Telecom Tuesday – 8th October 2013

Hey Guys & welcome to another Telecom Tuesday.

I have made 3 phone calls this week (well 2, as one didn’t connect).


0845 767 8933, this was to Park. Normally I made my payments to Park online but  they brought out a new website last month & it’s awful. It goes down 2-3 times a week and sometimes you are even unable to make payments. Park also do not have a freephone number, even when you can’t make payments online so I have had to call a rip off 0845 number.

0845 301 4455, this was to Tesco Mobile. There is a error with my Tesco pay as you go phone. They made a mistake and took money out of my bank twice. I tried to deal with the Tesco Mobile team on Twitter, but they was totally useless, They just kept telling me to phone or e-mail. I will be trying to get this £1.91 refunded and will use this blog as proof of the call.

The other 23p has been refunded via plusnet as the call didn’t connect.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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