Telecom Tuesday – 6th May 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 6th May 2014

Hey Guys,

We have now had another update about this Plusnet mess. If you want to read the story so far please feel free to read THIS blog. But I will give a very basic timeline of what’s happened so far…….

May / June 2013 I joined Plusnet, after a few problems getting online is was all fine.

June – December 2013 Plusnet kept putting strange charges on my bill, I kept kicking off and the charged were all refunded.

January 2014 my router stopped working, as I paid Plusnet for the router and it was within the first 12 months they should have replaced it, instead they refused. I stopped using Plusnet and started to use my unlimited mobile internet with Network Three instead.

January – March 2014 I tried to cancel my account and sort out the final bill over and over again, but Plusnet refused to-do anything at all.

March 2014 I had a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited asking for £500 (see photo below)

Photo 1

March 2014 I asked for a breakdown of why I owed them £500, they failed to supply a breakdown, but dropped the account to £84.70

April 2014 I again asked for a breakdown of the £84.70 as legally companies must supply a full breakdown of “debts” they are asking for.

Now here is the update…..

May 2014 I had a letter from Moorcroft (see below) asking me to make a complaint in writing to Plusnet to be able to get a breakdown of the £84.70.

Photo 2

I have phoned Moorcroft again today and spoken to a team leader called Chris, he has admitted it is a legal requirement to supply a breakdown of a debt that is being disputed and has gone back to Plusnet again to inform them I do not need to send a letter of complaint to get this information.

So really, as that’s happened in the last few months is Plusnet has dropped the so called debt from £498 to £84, but refused to tell me what it’s for. As people who have seen me on TV or heard me on the radio will know that I really enjoy fighting with companies so for me, I am really enjoying this. But I do feel sorry for the little old ladies who Plusnet are treating the same as me, it must be scary to get a debt collection letter if you don’t understand consumer law.

Anyway, That’s all for now and will update when I get something back…..

Newt x

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