Telecom Tuesday – 28th January 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 28th January 2014

Hey Guys,

It’s all change in the Telecom world this week for me. Up until last week this is what I was paying per month:

  • £17.50 Plusnet for unlimited internet & line rental.
  • £6.90 Three for my mobile.

That makes £24.40 in total (But I must make clear I was always refunded the mobile cost from my market research boss).

The plan was once we get 4G in Leeds I would ditch the landline and use mobile internet for everything, but as always nothing ever goes fully to plan and things have sped up……

On Saturday morning my Plusnet went down and the router was dead. I managed to speak to them on Sunday dinner time and they said I would need to PAY for a new router even though it’s only a few months old. After the phone call I then chucked the router away and basically in short that’s the end of Plusnet.

I then got on the phone to three and asked about getting unlimited mobile internet (All You Can Eat as they call it). After around 30mins we finally agreed on 6,000 mins, 5,000 texts, unlimited mobile data, plus unlimited tethering data.

For those who don’t know what tethering is, it is connecting a device like a laptop or tablet to your mobile, to use mobile like a router to connect to the internet, just without the need of a landline to plug into. All this for £15, so I was very pleased with this.

So now my monthly Telecom outgoing I will be :

  • £0.00 Plusnet
  • £15.00 Three

Giving me a total of £15.00 a month.

Saving me £9.40 per month, plus in addition the cost of electric the router was using, Plus I can maybe get this or part refunded too by my boss. With an added extra of 6,000 mins of calls that I didn’t get before.

I have been running on Three internet for 3 days now and have noticed the following;

I can’t stream on BBC/ITVPlayer etc due to how slow mobile internet is in my area currently, this could be for one of many reasons though.

But I have found a way to still get the programs I like to watch on BBC Iplayer, as they offer an option called “Download”, and as such I can download what I want to watch and watch it offline. Yes it takes up to a few hours to download a tv show, depending on how long it is, but I can stack them up to download while im sleeping OR getting on with some work. (for more information of how the download function works see the BBC iplayer website, as it explains on what devices support it)

There is also some good news apart from the money saving….

Over the past few months I have bought far too many new DVD’s and not watched half of them yet (mainly due to me watching stuff online instead). I have everything from Dawn French’s Roger & Val, Dad’s Army box set, A Touch Of Frost series 1 – 15 box set, to all of the Harry Potter films box set, and loads loads more, of which there are 39 DVD Box Set’s alone that I have not even opened yet.

So will be spending the next few months catching up on my DVD’s. I started this weekend with The Bill, currently on series 1 episode 7.

I am also half way in the middle of building the new Crash Bandicoot website, so will be finishing that off too as Crash is for the PS1/PS2 so no need to connect to internet to play it.

Yes I will still be online still, but not streaming as much as I used to and for the time being as im not too sure how much bandwidth and data skype uses I wont be having it on 24/7 like before, but I will still be always on twitter and whatsapp.

This is NOT a long term plan as I do love my internet, but this is a chance to save even more money, plus catching up on my DVD’s, on working on my websites and I will re-assess my internet needs in 6 months time.

So yes, it’s all change,

Newt x

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