Telecom Tuesday – 26th August 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 26th August 2014

Hey Guys,

There has been a few changes regarding my telecom needs these last few weeks so thought it was time for a update.

Network Three – Sim only contract – Now cancelled

This contact I took out in November 2013, it was £6.75 a month and in January – April of this year when I had no landline or broadband, so I upgraded this contract to £15 a month for unlimited tethering (tethering is when you connect your phone to your laptop via USB or wifi and just use the mobile internet).

In April when I started to use Tesco Homephone and Broadband I downgraded this contract back to the £6.75 a month. Then just last week I cancelled this contract, it was meant to be a 12 months contract running till November 2014, but as Network Three signal is so bad they have let me leave mid contract.

Network Three – iPhone – £24 a month, real cost £0 a month

As some of you know this is a free phone really. While it is in my name, my boss refunds me the monthly contract (plus a little extra) as some of the work I do is to test apps and review them. I would never dream of spending £24 a month of a mobile contract myself, but apparently some people spend close to 40 quid a month, it’s all crazy if you ask me lol

Now for the new one – Vodafone

Due to the awful signal with Network Three I have taken out a Sim only contract with Vodafone. This contract was taken out 3 weeks ago, but as of now I still can’t use the sim.

The fools at Vodafone sent me the wrong sized sim from what I ordered to fit my mobile. I have told them this both via e-mail ticket and twitter and as of now still nothing.


You can see that tweet is from the 17th August, that’s 10 days ago and that is the last contact I have had. They have not sent me the correct sim, they have not sent me anymore tweets, hey they have not even replied to the e-mail from me.

So as of now I have no idea if the contract is live, if they will try an bill me, no idea what the hell is going on. Why is it so hard to find a company that care about customers? As they say on twitter #useless.

I will keep you updated on this problem with Vodafone and will update next week.

Till then,
Newt x

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