Telecom Tuesday – 24th June 2014 (Tesco – Part 2)

Telecom Tuesday – 24th June 2014 (Tesco – Part 2)

Hey Guys,

Tuesday is here again so now is a good time for ‘Part 2’ of the review regarding Tesco Homephone and Broadband. If you haven’t read part 1 yet feel free to click HERE and give it a read first as it will explain why I was finding problems to kick-off about…..


Part 2 – The story continues…

As I was saying back in part 1, I was charged £6 for the delivery of the router when Hermes (the company Tesco use) don’t even charge £6 but now only charge about £4 after VAT, so I feel like I had been ripped-off as the router was “free” and I was only paying for “delivery”.

When my complaint went to the higher up level, I was sent the below e-mail from a Mr Niky McBridge saying he would look into it.

Photo 1 (1)

Then 5 day’s later I had this e-mail…..

Photo 2 (1)

Now the above e-mail really pissed me off as he only repeated what Emma had told me on the phone the week before, he also failed to say “This is our final response” so I could not then go to the Ombudsman-communications, but he also said “I understand you enquired about payment for taking the time to point out your concerns” and that is totally incorrect, I asked for the £6 to be refunded as It did not cost Tesco £6 to send the router to me, I did NOT ask for payment for myself.

I replied to his e-mail and made it very clear that all he is doing is repeating what Emma has told me and I again asked for a “This is our final response” e-mail so I could then go to the Ombudsman-communications. I also phoned Emma back and asked who this Mr McBride was as he is failing to-do what I needed. I know Emma could not do anything as he is above her, I just needed to make the call as he was pissing me off so much and needed to have it on record.

But did he do what I needed? Did he send me the “This is our final response” e-mail? Did he balls, he came back saying he would send it via LETTER and also asked for my address. Why? Does he not know how to get my address from the system? #Fool

Photo 3

2 days later the letter arrived, filled with all the wrong information. The only correct thing in the letter was my name. God knowns how one man can make so many mistakes in 1 letter, I e-mailed him about this and asked for a CORRECT final response e-mail/letter and he came back with this.

Photo 4

I then made all the problems into 3 complaints.

  1. I still needed the correct final response letter
  2. about how useless he was being with his handling of this case
  3. that in the wrong final response letter he sent me there was a package that was totally different to mine, plus this package was also around £7.22 cheaper than what package I am on now so I wanted to me moved onto that package.

(I should admit right now the 2nd complaint is pointless. But on this job I needed to moan about every little thing).

Below is his reply.

Photo 5

I then contacted the Ombudsman but they could not fully take on the complaints and the final response letter was full of wrong information and as for complaints 2 and 3 they never sent a final response letter at all.

The ombudsman also said due to Tesco putting the wrong package into the final response letter they would like to think I would be moved onto the said package instead of having to take it even further.

I e-mailed this to Tesco and asked for what was needed and this is what he came back with.

Photo 6

This e-mail was just a total joke to be honest, “We are unable to issue a deadlock letter for this complaint however“ so what is is trying to say is “Yea I filled the final response with total crap, but I wont send you a final response on that complaint”.  Why? Is he scared his manager may find out? I have no idea. “Whilst The Ombudsman may have advised we should provide the free broadband package to you, we have yet to receive the complaint from them.“ How can the ombudsman start a complaint when they have not even sent me a CORRECT final response letter? He really is thick as shit.

I sent one last e-mail to again, expecting a final response letter and they came back with this.

Photo 7

And thats the last we spoke, to date he has still failed to address my problem, he has tried his best to get out of sending me a correct final response letter and he will not do anything else.

I spoke to the ombudsman-communications again an told them all that had happened. They asked to see a copy of the final e-mail saying he was not willing to send a final response letter and after talking with one of the managers called Jonny at the ombudsman office they finally agreed to accept the complaints and send Tesco a letter asking why they refused to send me a final response letter and they have also asked Tesco for my case. I understand this can take up to 6 week, as of now it’s out of Tesco’s hands and with the Ombudsman-communications.

Photo 8

I will continue to update on this topic in a few weeks when I hear back.

Newt x

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