Telecom Tuesday – 23rd September 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 23rd September 2014

Hey Guys,

So a few days ago I e-mailed the Ombudsman as I was getting nowhere at all with Vodafone, below is the e-mail I sent them. I attached photos to the e-mail, but will embed them in this blog post in the relevant places.

I will update next week when I hear back from them.

“Dear Ombudsman Communications,

Ref: *******

Following my phone call yesterday this is the requested e-mail.

On the 14th of August 2014 I took out the Sim Only contract with Vodafone for £22 a month. The following day they sent me the Sim card. But it was the wrong size from what was ordered. I e-mailed Vodafone via the online form and they came back saying I was lying. I then replied with a photo of the Sim card to prove I was right but nothing happened. I took to twitter and they tweeted me on the 17th August saying they would look into things ASAP. They never got back to me via twitter, phone call, e-mail, nothing at all.


The next thing I knew £22.70 had come out of my bank (28th August 2014). As Vodafone was not billing me or giving me a service the Halifax stopped the Direct Debt fully leaving the account and returned it ASAP and by the end of the day I had my money back.


I then sent a e-mail to the CEO’s office on the 28th August 2014 with a complaint and the following day (29th) someone from the directors office phoned me (Paul Hope). He agreed to close the account and refund the £22.70 (even though my bank already did that). I asked about my credit file and he said nothing would be added. I asked for proof of this, he refused, so I asked for a dead-lock letter so I could come to you (The Ombudsman) and he even refused that. I asked him to e-mail me his refusal and he did .


Everything was fine until this very week and yes, you guessed it. Vodafone was added to my credit file, I spoke again with Paul Hope and he said he has finished with my account. Vodafone was not showing on my credit file and I was just making problems. He also said wait 8 weeks then the Ombudsman can deal with me.


I understand I do not need to wait the 8 weeks as the e-mail he sent me was proof that Vodafone had finished looking into it.

Many Thanks,
PS: My mobile is back with Three now so if you need to call me you can.

Until next time when I can give you an update.

Newt x

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