Telecom Tuesday – 22nd October 2013

Telecom Tuesday – 22nd October 2013

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Telecom Tuesday.

As we all know by now my goal is to get my weekly phone calls to £0 and as such just leave me to have the basic £19.99 a month for my line rental & broadband to pay.

Well last week I did have to make a number of phone calls over the space of 2 days.

Due to data protection etc I have also blacked out part of the numbers as the calls I was returning are to the direct lines of the UK press and as such do not want to give these out as I would get in trouble.


In total I made 10 calls costing £5.65.

While I am not happy about this, the calls I did make needed to be made as I have something on my line that stops private numbers from calling me.

Till next time,

Newt x

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