Telecom Tuesday – 19th November 2013

Telecom Tuesday – 19th November 2013

Hey Guys,

There has been another change with my telecom stuff this week. One of the problems I was facing was I would pick up the phone, make a short call and not remember till it was too late that I was paying for it, as a money saver I got so angry at myself for doing this.

I tried to contact Chris ‘The Liar’ from Plusnet on Twitter this week, but got stuck with Adam instead. So I asked Adam if I could have some sort of block on my line that stopped me making phone calls that were chargeable and only let me make 0800/0808 freephone calls.

The good news is there is a way to-do it and Adam has made the change on my line so now I am unable to make calls unless they are 100% FREE.

I am really pleased with this and also my phone contract ended last month too and I have not taken a new one out. So as of now I am unable to phone any number unless it’s free.

Now it will REALLY put my idea’s to the test and see if I can REALLY get companies to call me back….lets see shall we………..

Till tomorrow,
Newt x

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