Telecom Tuesday – 19th May 2014 (The end of Plusnet)

Telecom Tuesday – 19th May 2014 (The end of Plusnet)

Hey Guys,

Just had some really good news about this Plusnet crap.

To recap, as most of you know my router that I got from Plusnet stopped working and they refused to give me a new one, so I stopped using them and moved to network Three.

Plusnet then passed a so called “debt” of £498 onto Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited, but failed to tell me what this £498 was for.

Over the last few months I have been asking again and again and again for a full breakdown of this £498, Plusnet at the start dropped the so called “debt” to £84, but then still failed to give a breakdown.

Well I just (this very moment) called Moorcroft to ask if we had a breakdown for this £84 “debt” and was told the account had been closed on the 15th May, just last week.

I have also called Plusnet and spoke to a chap called Ryan, he has also admitted the Plusnet system is showing £0.00. To be 100% sure this is correct he has asked the billing support guys to call me to confirm it.

This just goes to show, if you are in the right then fight fight fight as you will win in the end. I will leave this blog with a photo……


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