Telecom Tuesday – 18th March 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 18th March 2014

Hey Guys,

I know most 25 year old’s enjoy going out with friends, getting drunk, rolling in at 5am. But as most of you know, I’m not like that. I enjoy walking Bella, whether it is just by myself listening to those One Direction boys on my iphone, or walking with Bella and Dan and having a good talk.

Another thing I enjoy is starting a DVD box set with series 1, episode 1 and working my way through until all the series and episodes are all complete, I love mainly watching them set the 1960’s and 1990’s. But the main thing I also enjoy is fighting with companies for what’s right. If I believe I am in the right I will fight till the bitter end, whether it’s all sorted out in just 1 phone call, or if it drags on for years and years (like the BT one did) I enjoy them all.

Well today we have one complaint with Orange that has finished, but another complaint with Plusnet that is just heating up.

First off it’s Orange… Back in early 2013 I took out a contract with Orange for £6.90 a month. As I didn’t really use my mobile I wanted something cheap, but after just a few months they put my so-called “fixed” contract up by £0.17p.

Of course I was not happy about this. It wasn’t the 17p increase that made me angry, it was more the fact they put up a “fixed” contract. So I stopped making payments and made a formal complaint. They did sort out the complaint, but I kept making more over and over again, as that is what I do to get my problems fixed.

Then this morning I had a letter from Orange saying they have “settled” my account and updated my credit file.


I phoned up to check and yep, the account is showing as £0.00, they have written off the balance and they are also updating my credit file. This just goes to show, they tried to make an extra 17p a month out of me and they have ended up losing much more.

As for Plusnet, this is just getting interesting and I’m starting to really enjoy this fight now.

To re-cap, in January of this year my router stopped working and they tried to force me to buy a new one, you can read more about that HERE. But since I am still within the 12 months contract (My contract started in May/June 2013) I should have been given another router for free.

I spoke to Network Three and moved to totally 100% mobile broadband. It was perfect. I have now been on Network Three unlimited data plan for 3 months and it’s total freedom, I can work at home, in the park with Bella or even at my local cafe, It’s amazing.

Since January I have not used the Plusnet service at all (well I couldn’t), I was due a bill on 12th February and 12th March, but they didn’t bill me too. I tweeted them a number of times to try and get them to call me, but Chris The twat refused. So I did phone them myself 3 times just a few weeks ago to ask for an update, but they refused to speak to me. Anyone would think there scared of me lol

I was told on one of the phone calls I do risk a £30 cancellation fee though. So I would be landed with a £47-£48 debt. But that’s cool, I have done nothing wrong, so let Plusnet play there little games.

Then I heard nothing till last week when I was sent a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited asking for £498.09. I must admit, this put a smile on my face. This really is where the fun and games really start for me. I posted two tweets on Twitter as you can see below. But Plusnet blanked both of them. Why? Because Chris can’t run a bath let alone a Twitter support team.



I called Moorcroft to give them my 0871 number and to also ask how the £500 was broken down. They said they had no idea how the £500 was made up, but they would check.

Then yesterday morning (Monday), Will from Moorcroft phoned me up (on my 0871 number) to say how Plusnet have now dropped the so-called debt from £498.90 to £84.70 However they still refused to say what the £84 is made up of. Plus they also would not say why the debt has dropped from £498 to £84.

I still refused to make any payment due to me not being at fault and as such Moorcroft have gone BACK to Plusnet again to inform them on this.

It’s really funny to watch how companies try and make up debts so to try and make people pay them. But they wont walk over me, I will fight till the end.

I will update again when they have been in-contact

Newt x

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