Telecom Tuesday – 18th February 2014

Telecom Tuesday – 18th February 2014

Hey Guys,

Welcome to Telecom Tuesday. It’s now just over 3 weeks since we ditched Plusnet with our “normal” landline and broadband and moved 100% mobile thanks to Network Three’s unlimited data and tethering deal.

All in all it’s going really well, although I have needed to make a few changes…

I have moved my desk closer to the window, bought a extra long USB/HTC lead and now leave my mobile connected to my laptop while the phone is on the window sill as I get a much better Network Three signal that way,  almost hitting the full 5 bars.

In my last Telecom Tuesday blog I also said I could not stream YouTube/BBC/ITVPlayer etc any more, however this has now been fixed now I have better signal I can start a video, pause it and wait for it to fully load before watching. While this is not perfect, with saving close to £10 a month since moving from Plusnet to Three I can work with waiting 10mins for a video to load before watching it for the money it’s saving me 🙂

I do still have one thing left I am trying to get sorted with Three, I have tweeted them a few times, but not had a reply yet. If/when I get a reply I will let you all know though.

This is what I am asking them…….

[box style=”quote”]I hate direct debits with a passion and don’t use them for anything apart from Three as I don’t want to get hit with that £5 none-direct debit fee. My contract with Three is £15 a month and I also have a block installed that means I can not spend more than that £15 per month. If I always kept my Three account at least £15 in credit this means the direct debit would be £0, so when you come to take the monthly payment the account would be in credit so you would not take anything. Is that right or will I still get hit with the none-direct debit fee? This is how my friend works his T-Mobile account without any problems, but I want to make sure it will work first.[/box]


Newt x

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