Telecom Tuesday – 17th June 2014 (Tesco – Part 1)

Telecom Tuesday – 17th June 2014 (Tesco – Part 1)

Hey Guys,

Normally I can’t talk about most of my mystery shopping and market research work, but today I can as the company have agreed for me to post this blog post. It is a very long story so i’ve cut it into 2 blogs, part 1 is below……

Back in the middle of April I had a phone call from the Tesco head office asking me to take out there Homephone and Broadband deal. I was asked to try and find as many complaints as possible, ask for help via e-mail, the phone and twitter, just generally find any faults that I could, no matter how small the problem was, they wanted me to kick off about it and lets be honest, they found the right person for the job lol

The first problem was easy to find. I signed up via the Tesco Homephone and Broadband website on the 15th of April and only a few hours later was sent my “go-live” date along with a new 0113 phone number. (Remember I left Plusnet at the start of this year so had no landline).


So everything was due to go live on April 28th. Here we have the first problem. On April the 25th I was sent the below e-mail saying I was now live, 3 days early.


I phoned up and asked why I had been turned on 3 days early, it was due to the bank holiday on the 28th, and he said don’t worry, I will not be charged for these extra 3 days due to it.

Then right away I was getting cold-called to death. This time I e-mailed for support on this matter and this is the reply I had……


Not only did they not bother to use my name, not only did they not admit they sell on information to 3rd parties, they even tried to pass the buck to the TPS. Talk about teaching your granny how to suck eggs.


Next it was Twitter’s turn. I sent a DM to @TescoBroadband on the 30th of April and below is what was said………

Tesco: i can see this matter is with our complaints team, would you like them to contact you? >Nicki

Me: Telling me about the TPS, how thick does Tesco think your customers are?

Tesco: I apologise if you feel this way, would you like a member of the complaints team to contact you? >Nicki

Me: Please ask a manager from the complaints team to call on my mobile as I am away from home today. 07** **** ***.

Tesco: I have passed your information to the complaints team manager who will call you on your mobile >Nicki

Within the hour I had a call back from Emma, the complaints Manager, now she was awesome. I told her the problem of the cold calls and she not only gave me a new 0113 number, she also added a block on my phone so people calling from “private” numbers are blocked. I could not fault Emma at all, she even phoned me the following day to check the new number and block was working.

The following week my first bill came and I was charged for them extra 3 days that I was told would be free. So this time I took to the phone again. I called Tesco on the 03 numbers and managed to speak to Emma, she was again really good she went away, worked out how much them 3 days had cost me and added them as a credit on the bill.

On the same call I mentioned how I had been charged a massive £6 to send the “free” router to me. She again said she would go away and find out and come back to me.

She did and said the money was in-fact to pay for admin, the packaging and all that rubbish. When I pointed out that the website said I paid £6 for “delivery” and not “Postage & Packaging” she again said sorry, but nothing could be done.

I left it a few days and sent a DM to Tesco on Twitter and guess what? It took them 5 days, yes, 5 days to reply. I thought Network Three was bad at taking 24 hours to reply! Lol


After that I had a phone call back from Emma and while we was always helpful, she would not refund the £6 I paid. But she did pass my complaint onto the higher up level (who refuse to use phones, so I could only speak to them via e-mail) and I have to be honest here, the man (Mr McBride) who took over my complaint was totally useless. In every company I deal with there is always one twat. In Plusnet it was Chris, in SSE it’s the man who I have been banned from talking about, and in Tesco it’s Mr McBride.

I will leave this blog here, in Part 2 I will talk about what happened with Mr McBride. How we ended up at the ASA and Ombudsman. Plus an additional 3 small complaints I found.

Till Part 2,
Newt x

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