Telecom Tuesday – 15th April 2014 (The Plusnet Saga Continues…)

Telecom Tuesday – 15th April 2014 (The Plusnet Saga Continues…)

Hey Guys,

Thought it was about time we had an update on the scumbags at Plusnet….

To re-cap, I joined Plusnet last year (around May time) and in January of this year my router stopped working and to cut a long story short they tried to bill me for a new one, even though I was within the 12 months contract and as the ombudsman have said, as I paid for the router and was within the first 12 months I should have been given one free.

I decided to leave Plusnet and move to Network Three instead, and that is what I did. I also tweeted Plusnet a number of times asking to cancel my account and sort out this balance. They refused all of my requests.

Then I spoke to them on the phone, as I did not know my password they could not close the account. Then totally out of the blue I had a e-mail saying they have accepted my request to close the account, even though I failed to give them my password. Strange eh?

Then the first week of March I had a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited asking for £498.09. I must admit, this put a smile on my face. This really is where the fun and games really start for me. I posted two tweets on Twitter, but Plusnet blanked both of them. This again proves how useless Chris, Matt and Adam are.

I spoke to Moorcroft and asked for a brake-down of why the  500 quid was so big, they went away to Plusnet to ask, then came back saying Plusnet have dropped it to £84, but still no brake-down…….

It has now been 4 weeks since the above happened. I have still had 0 contact with Plusnet and am still waiting for a break-down of the £84. I have just, this very moment, spoken to someone called Jade at Moorcroft who has said the “debt” for £84 is STILL on hold as Plusnet have not come back to them, after twice of asking for a breakdown. Again, more proof how crap Plusnet are.

So all in all, nothing has changed these last 4 weeks, but then again, my problem with BT went on for 3 years and as we all know BT do own Plusnet, so what does THAT tell us……

Till tomorrow,
Newt x

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