Swagbucks – December 2016 Update

Swagbucks – December 2016 Update

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about Swagbucks. I did a few blogs on Swagbucks last year, and the year before, but not done any recently.

To re-cap, Swagbucks is a website where you can do free things, like surveys, and earn ‘Swagbucks‘, you can then cash-out these for Amazon Vouchers and PayPay money payments etc.

Swagbucks is one of my favourite websites I use for my Amazon Gift Cards, but I have been using it less and less this year, purely because I have been working in retail again 48 hours a week, and my own work, like Swagbucks and Stop Self Harm has been suffering.

But now Christmas is out of the way, my Xmas retail job has finished and I have started another, smaller, part time job I can catch-up on my own work again…….Thank God!

Here is my recommended system on how to use Swagbucks:

I first check my goal for the day, today it is 25, and if I earn 25 I get a 3 bonus. I then have a second goal for if I hit the first one, the second goal is 70, and if I earn 70 Swagbucks I get 8 bonus.

After I have checked my goal I head-off to the surveys page. This is a page where I earn 99% of my Swagbucks, normally I do a few smaller ones, instead of one larger one. But it is totally up to you, the way you want to do it.

I then check my goal again, after a few surveys, sometimes just one survey I will of completed my goal for the day.

After I have trued to hit both of my goals, then I am done for the day!

And the rewards?

Well luckily today I needed to cash-out a Amazon Voucher anyway. So I go to the rewards page, click on the Amazon Voucher I want, and cash out.

Normally I cash-out a £5 Amazon voucher for around 720 Swagbucks. If you think about it you can earn 100+ swagbucks daily, very easily, which makes £260 per year (52 weeks at £5 per week). But you have to remember all the bonuses you get too, for hitting goals, so you can really earn around £300 over the year, for what? Just a few surveys per day?

They also have a iPhone app too now. I have started doing my surveys when I’m on the bus coming home from work, or when I am laying in the bath. So much better than having to be stuck as a laptop 🙂

So yeah, sign up, give it a go, and feel free to drop me a email or tweet if you need any help. You can tweet me on @LeeTheLad or @The0871man.

Till next time,
Lee x

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