Special Website Review – Vivatic – 4th December 2014

Special Website Review – Vivatic – 4th December 2014

Hey Guys,

When I first started this blog is was a way of helping me keep track of my own bills, that was it. I never dreamed I would end up on TV and doing just over 200 radio interviews, it’s crazy. While I still do TV and radio work, now I use more and more use websites to earn Amazon Vouchers and paypal money, which all goes towards my addiction of buying DVDs (mainly box-sets), plus with the additional bonus it also  gives me the chance to give very honest feedback on products and companies in my blogs like my Inbox Pounds and Swagbucks ones.

So today I want to talk about a website called Vivatic, to be blunt I would recommend saying away from this website, it’s the worst site I have ever used – and that’s saying something.

But let me expand on this…….

When I first signed up I used the e-mail address Vivatic@newtbeaumont.com (here is a good tip, always use a new e-mail address for every website you use, as if the site gets hacked you wont be spammed to death), Then next I tried to set-up the account with my PayPal address, this is when problems started.

It is not easy to-do this, the site is very badly laid out. After a lot of effort and trying I finally worked out what I needed to-do, but this will shock you, Vivatic want your paypal linked to your bank account before they will pay you. Like what? Yes it’s true, a website you use to earn a few spare quid want access to your bank account. Talk about risk!

I have been using sites like this for years and never came across before, I spoke direct to Vivatic about this and had the following e-mail….

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry that you’ve experienced such issues with Vivatic. Unfortunately the nature of market research makes it extremely susceptible to fraudulent activity, and in order to protect our members and our site these measures had to be put in place. Without the requirement for a verified PayPal account linked to a bank account we found individuals were setting up numerous Vivatic and PayPal accounts and using computer software to abuse the system and defraud us. Hopefully in the future we will develop a detection process that will allow us to accept unverified PayPal accounts also, but for the time being it is a necessary requisite.

While I can understand the fact some websites need to make sure it’s only 1 member per household, they do not need to access our bank account for this.

Other websites track login IP addresses, one site even sends a letter with a pin code to your home address, you then pop the pin number into the site and that how they make sure its only 1 account per household. Some sites also ask to scan / fax photo ID (Twitter has a copy of my photo ID when I started working in TV, strange but true haha).

So yes, there is so many different ways without needed to access my bank account, due to this I stopped using the site as there was no way to get paid! My account balance stood at £5 and I kept getting e-mails with offers etc., but just deleted these e-mails. The only reason I still kept Vivatic@newtbeaumont.com live was because these spam e-mails kept reminding me that I wanted to-do a blog post about this very very risky site.

Then I found out something even worse, yesterday I had e-mail from Vivatic and my account balance had dropped to £0, yes, if you don’t use the site they remove any monies you have earned. Some websites will do this every year or so, but 30 days. I have never heard this before.


I use websites like Inbox Pounds, Swagbuks etc. everyday, but I know you guys don’t, you may use the sites, forget about them, then come back in 2-3 months to carry on. I know this from the e-mails you send me. So the fact Vivatic reset your balance to £0 after 30 days, well for me that’s just another reason to stay away from them.

Would I recommend Vivatic? Hell no, keep away from them, use one of the other sites I talk about in my blogs, as I always post photo proof of all the payments I that I get from them, In-fact I have just had my 3rd £20 from Inbox pounds, I will do a update blog on them next week. But as for Vivatic, stay away!

Till next time,
Newt x

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  1. I’ve had even worse than this from this website, I have been doing surveys during the so called 30 day period and they haven’t been adding them to my balance and have now cleared my account without warning, even though I have regularly been doing surveys, is there anything anyone can do about this company, as I class this as absolute fraud

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