Special Update – SSE – 23rd January 2014

Special Update – SSE – 23rd January 2014

Hey Guys,

I don’t think any of us can fully trust our energy companies right now and after my blog yesterday about Scottish Power you can understand why, but today’s special blog post is about SSE.

I don’t really talk about this much. I do suffer from dyslexia and I admit, it does make things hard, with the help of friends who proof read my blogs and fix a number of mistakes I make I get by.

When I first joined SSE back in the summer I explained all this to a women called Holly who used to run SSE’s twitter support. I would tweet her my meter readings for Meter Reading Monday and she would e-mail me the costing’s etc and I would copy those into my blogs.

Then came along Jo and yep, everything was fine again, but after Jo was Michael who refused to deal with me. I’m not sure why he hates me so much., not sure if it’s because i’m gay, or fat, or what. A part of me does feel Michael suffers with something called Bipolar as his mood swings pretty much daily. In-fact I do have a counsellor who helps with my StopSelfHarm charity, who was willing to speak to Michael and offer any help he needs (my charity would of paid for this help), but Michael refused any help. I have noticed he has on social media much less these last few months so maybe he is now seeking help. (for legal reasons I must state this is just my point of view from the dealings I have had with Michael).

When things got so bad between myself and Michael I was contacted by a women called Rosemary who is classed as a “Specialist Liaison & Aftercare Customer Relations Team Manager” and she is just amazing. We had a pretty long phone call in which I explained what I needed from SSE and we agreed I would e-mail her direct every Monday morning with my meter readings and she would work them out for me as for some reason Michael (who refused to work these out for me) is too busy to spend 2mins on a Monday to help a customer with dyslexia.

For the last few months we have been working this way and it’s been perfect. Yesterday I logged into my online SSE account only to be hit with a £65 bill. I was in shock and I can’t lie, it made me in a right bad mood. For the last 3 months my weekly energy usages has been under £2 a week = £8 a month = £24 for the 3 months. Plus maybe a few quid extra due to xmas and when Bella was ill. So the worst I was expecting was a £35 bill max, so a 65 quid one really made me angry with myself. I thought I would need to cut down even more to hit my £24 per every 3 month target.

I know what I’m like, I would of taken to twitter and had little digs at the SSE team over the next few days/weeks. Even though they have done nothing wrong., but in-stead I decided to take the calmer route and e-mail Rosemary, just to get it out of my system. You can read my e-mail below.


Then some good news happened within a few hours I had a e-mail back from Rosemary saying in-fact it was a SSE error and my real bill was only £33. That was a weight off my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I could of paid the 65 quid bill, but I was just angry after all the cutting down I have been doing and then to get a bill that was so high.


So yep, I am very happy with the updated bill and as always happy at the support Rosemary at SSE gives me!

Till next time,

Newt x

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