Special Update – Pets at Home, 3rd March 2014

Special Update – Pets at Home, 3rd March 2014

Hey Guys,

This morning I managed to get myself into another debate on Twitter, this time with Pet’s At Home’s Dave about how he should be treating people on social media all the same and not giving special treatment to the Twitter folk.

With the beautiful weather and the amazing heat this afternoon me and Dan decided to go for a walk into town. Not to buy anything, just to spend time together.

For some reason we then started talking about how we owe our relationship to Bella as if it wasn’t for me walking her at 3.00am that Tuesday morning Me and Dan would of never gotten to know each other, so we decided to go and buy Bella some treats and as I am feeling in a moaning mood today I wanted to visit Pets At Home so I could find things to kick off about lol.

We got to Pets At Home, Crown Point Leeds, to me the store looked big, for some reason I had it in my head my local Pets At Home store was small, but could not of been more wrong.

It was annoying how the main doors was closed so we needed to use the 2nd doors, you know, like Woolworths used to-do in a number of there stores back in the 90’s.

Pets at Home Dog Treats

As soon as we walked in I noticed the store was very tidy, all the point of sales stuff was nice and tidy as well. Since we didn’t know the layout of the store we ended up in the cats section at first, but after asking a women where the dogs treats were and she said right at the other end of the store, (just our luck lol). She didn’t take us to them, but just pointed, I don’t know the policy at Pets At Home, but when I worked at Sainsburys and Tesco if a customer asked for something we NEEDED to take the customer to the product. Maybe Pets At Home can help me on their policy to do with this?

We ended up finding the dog treats for Bella, there was not a great selection (only 1 shelf full), but we managed to get a few bits for her.

Then it was off to pay. There was 3 people ahead of us in the queue, but it was only a few bits per customer so we didn’t mind waiting. Then when it was our turn the young lad on the till right away said sorry for the wait, scanned our items, offered us a bag, asked if we had a VIP card, he was smiling, and was just very polite.

Cute Pets at Home StaffAs a trained mystery shopper there is a few bits I look out for, while I can’t talk about them all, I did notice he did ring his bell twice, this was just to get another staff member on the 2nd till. Not many people would notice this, but it’s just one of the things I look out for.

Also, while I was getting served my mobile did ring, now I would NEVER pick up my phone while in a shop as I feel its very very rude and disrespectful, but Dan offered to take my call, so I passed him my phone, we had a peck on the lips and he walked outside to take my call. While this was going on the lad on the till was so police and friendly still, he even said “aww, you make a nice couple”.

I must admit, I have never been into this Pets At Home before apart from with my mum a number of years ago and I can’t really remember it. But after the experience there today, I will be going in again, specially if this cutie is on the till!


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