Special Blog Post – Scottish Power

Special Blog Post – Scottish Power

Hey Guys,

Today I need to talk about a joke of a company called Scottish Power.

Scottish Power provide me with my gas supply, but as we all know I do not use any gas and have not done since February 2013 (11 months ago).  As I have a £0 standing charge tariff this was not a problem.

In October 2013 I was told I would need to pay via direct debit to be given £0 standing charge and as such we agreed I would pay £5 per month via Direct Debit. Then after 6 months (or 12 months) I would be sent the £5’s back as a refund.

I was fine with this and everything was going well till Christmas Day (25th Dec) I was sent a bill for £2.19.  I thought this must just be a error. So left it a few days then called up (using a freephone number) Scottish Power  as their Twitter support is awful. In the end I spoke to a women called Jenny. She admitted the £0 standing charge tariff I was on has been removed and no-one told me. However she said she would cancel the £2.19 bill and refund the £10.17 back into my bank account. (My account was £10.17 in credit due to £5 November and £5 December, plus £0.17p credit for paying via Direct Debit).

The following day I phoned my contact at Ebcio/SSE and agreed they would take over my supply again as they still have £0 standing charges (This takes around 4-6 weeks to change over).

On the 2nd January 2014 I was sent ANOTHER bill, this time for £18.18. This is shocking, 18 quid for less than 1 month of standing charges. I phoned up, asked for a call back from Jenny but this call back never came. I again tweeted and was blanked by Martin from Scottish Power.

I then spent the last 2 and a bit weeks trying to speak to Jenny, but got nothing till yesterday where  she e-mailed me out of the blue. No phone call, just a e-mail that you can read below (click to enlarge the image)

SP 1

So as you can see we now have a number of problems:

1) She blanked my request for a phone call back.

2) She said “there has been some gas usage between your last bill we discussed and this account.”, This is nothing but a lie. My gas is turned off, no gas at all has been used. No idea why you needed to lie about this Ms Jenny Henderson.

3) She said “I have not raised a refund for the £10.17 as you would then have to make a payment to us to clear the current balance.” This means that even tho Jenny Henderson said she would refund £10.17, she has now changed her mind and this is down to that very strange bill on the 2nd January.

4) It’s clear with all Jenny’s lying this is why she refused to phone me up. Maybe she was scared to speak to me?

Anyway, next I took to Twitter. Knowing full well Martin would blank me. I still went on my rant as below.




So yep, I was blanked by Scottish Power and Martin just like I thought. But the rant carried on…

7 8

Then as soon as Which? replied I had a phone call……….from Martin!!!! He said sorry for the 1 hour phone call only to be cut off. He also said sorry for the £10.17 refund not happening, but nothing was said about why Jenny lied. I did read the e-mail to him. However I can’t remember his reply.  He asked me what I wanted and I was very honest “I would like a dead-lock letter so I can go to the energy ombudsman or we can agree some goodwill as I will be gone and back with Ebico in a few weeks.” We agreed £50, plus the £10.17. so a total of £67.17 for jenny lying and the 1 hour phone call cutting off. As I have lost all the trust i had in Scottish Power I did ask for a e-mail as proof from Martin and you can read this below.


So yep, all in all one stressful day, but thanks to Twitter and Which? I won my complaint!

Update: A ScottishPower spokesman had the following to say:

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by recent errors on Mr Beaumont’s account. By way of an apology and as a gesture of goodwill we have already credited Mr Beaumont’s account with £50 as agreed with our agent, Martin on 20th January and we now consider this matter closed.”

Till next time,

Newt x

3 thoughts on “Special Blog Post – Scottish Power

  1. I can sympathise with you. I had solar panels fitted in Dec 2013, and they were finally accepted for the feed in tariff payback in Feb 2014. The original domestic meter was changed in Feb 2014 as it was going backwards due to the panels feeding electricity into the grid during the day. When I went to put my new meter readings into my account online, I noticed that the meter number was still the old one, not the new digital one fitted in Feb. I finally got through after 5 calls, and some 6+ hours of waiting to be told that they had a technical problem with their computers. In then end I got Ofgem involved, and now every time I phone my calls go direct to a senior complaints manager, but the problem has still not been resolved. The meter number is still the old domestic one taken out in February and it still shows the last reading on that meter. This week I phoned Ofgem again, and they are taking the complaint it to Stage 2, whatever that is! S.P had to work out my bill manually, and because of that I had a £100 refund and reduced my payments by £30 a month. At the moment I am on free electricity due to the panels, which is a bonus. In this day and age of digital technology a simple meter number change on an account should not be a problem, but it seems to be beyond the wit of the bozos at Scottish Power. Maybe they have monkeys doing their technology, not humans. As the saying goes, you pay peanuts you get monkeys!! I rest my case and won’t hold my breath.

  2. Over a year on, and nothing has improved. SP has had my combined gas and electricity account since I moved into my house in December 2013. It took me months to get them to actually issue me with bills, and then when I did there was no mention of the telephone metre readings I’d called in with, just a continuing list of estimated readings. By January 2016 I’d got fed up and instead of just leaving the metre readings via the automated system, I actually spoke to someone. Turns out, they owed me £1370 racked up in just two years! I can’t tell you how long I’ve spent on phone calls with them over the last 4 months just trying to get them to do a very simple thing – provide me with a written statement of what tariff options I have. I’ve had numerous phone calls from their complaints department after I submitted a complaint, but even they’re unable to get a simple letter written and sent to me. Someone also removed the word ‘sorry’ from their lexicon when they joined, as staff seem to be unable to say it. So, after racking up such a massive overpayment, and having agreed a reviewed figure on the phone, they continued to take the same sum from me that resulted in the overpayment and don’t seem to understand me when I say this is clearly not a logical thing to do. So, I sat in front of my laptop a few weeks ago and went through the process of effecting a transfer to another supplier (who got good customer survey ratings). This morning I got a letter that began “thank you for choosing our xxxx tariff ….”. Really? Is SP so hugely incompetent that they interpret “I want to get away from you as fast as possible” to mean “I want to select a new tariff and this is the one I want”? When I called, the person answering the phone seemed programmed to understand only “this tariff or that tariff” and nothing more. There is no common sense, no understanding, no listening – she simply said, “so do you want me to cancel the change of tariff for you?” By the way, this took 25 minutes whilst she left me listening to hold music (which is the best bit about SP). I can’t wait to get away and my advice to anyone else is – give this company the widest berth possible if you value your mental health!

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