Special Blog – 9th May 2014 (Scottish Power)

Special Blog – 9th May 2014 (Scottish Power)

Hey Guys,

I need to talk about Scottish Power again, a few of you may remember I was with them a few months ago for my gas, but once they brought in standing charges I jumped ship and moved to Ebico/SSE who do have a £0 standing charge tariff. You can read more about that blog HERE.

As far as I was concerned that was it. I was with Ebico/SSE and Scottish Power stuff was all finished with, but nope, I’ve started receiving threatening letters asking money, yes, they still want over £40 of my cold hard cash for no reason at all. Unfortunately I can’t post a photo of these letters as I’m not at home right now but at the boyfriends house, but if I do need to post a update to this blog I will post a photo of the letters too like I have done with Plusnet’s problems.

So yep, the problem with Scottish Power…..

I left them on the 11th of February 2014 and was sent a final bill of £74.20 in early March, 74 quid when I don’t even use gas? After kicking off on Twitter on the 11th March I was sent the below e-mail from a lady called Nicola who said the account had closed on a wrong reading of 3570, but as my gas is not used and it always has a reading of 3449 she agreed to clear the £17 standing charges and once the reading had been changed on SSE’s system the reading would be updated and the bill would be £0.


I was happy with this, but come the 24th of March I was getting daily calls from Scottish Power asking me to come back, plus they was asking for the bill to be paid. I again kicked off on Twitter and was sent the below e-mail, saying they would remove my phone number, perfect.


Since then I am still getting letters asking for just over £40 for the final meter reading bill. I have just this very moment (9th May 2014 12.33pm) spoken to a very nice women called Hanna at SSE who informed me they have my gas account at a reading of 3449 and in-fact on the 26th of March 2014 Scottish Power did contact SSE to check the reading of 3449 is correct. So no idea at all why this was not followed up.

I have also just logged into my old Scottish Power account and as below, you can see it still has a debt of £40.05 on the account, I also guess that the £17 payment is the standing charge that was removed leaving the remaining money due to gas usage, although no gas has been used.


Hanna from SSE has also tried to call Scottish Power to try and sort this out, but the Scottish power call centre is closed till 2.00pm, I’m sorry, but since when did call centres close for lunch? It’s a right joke.


Scottish Power, if you are reading this I would like you to-do one of the following 2 options please.

1) Open a formal complaint, e-mail me the reference and send me a dead-lock letter so I can take it to the ombudsman.
2) Please e-mail me to confirm you have f**ked up, offer me a goodwill payment and we can sort it out that way instead of you getting a fine for going to the ombudsman.

It’s totally up to you, the ball is in your court now Scottish power…..


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