Snuggaroo Sunday – 15th December 2013

Snuggaroo Sunday – 15th December 2013

Hey Guys,

This week it’s all about Dinnerladies…….not the kind you get in school but the kind that was on BBCOne back in the late 90’s.

Dinnerladies ran for only 2 series from 1998 – 2000. I admit, I never watched this on TV at the time but stumbled across it last year while I was on YouTube.

I already knew some of the people from other shows, Dolly, Anita, Glenda & Steve I new from Corrie. Philippa Moorcroft I new from After You’ve Gone & Stan from Emmerdale from back when I used to watch it.

So straight away I knew I would love the show due to me knowing most of the people from other things.

The first thing that hit me is how funny it really is, of course I won’t spoil the show if you have not watched it. I will however talk about one clip from the show that you can watch below

As you can see from the clip that is how funny it is and a good pick me up programme to watch when you are feeling a little down and need cheering up.

Till next Sunday for a another Sunday snuggled up in the Snuggaroo Onesie.

Newt x

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