Snuggaroo Sunday – 12th January 2014

Snuggaroo Sunday – 12th January 2014

Hey Guys,

[box style=”alert”]I must first warn you, this weeks Snuggaroo Sunday is about a film called ‘House Of Boys’, this is a LGBT film and rated 18. If this is not your cup of tea please stop reading now.[/box]

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Last year I was enjoying another 30 days free Netflix and found a film called ‘House Of Boys’.

The bio for the film reads “It’s 1984, and Frank, a frustrated gay teen, flees to Amsterdam, where he finds a new home and a job at the House of Boys. Frank has no trouble fitting in, and frequently falls in love, but a newly discovered disease is about to change it all.”

My favourite gay movies are about coming out and seeing how they handle it etc. I did take a risk and watched this film, and wow, glad I did.

The first hour is pretty much all about Frank falling in love…. but it also includes drug taking, booze and, well, as wikipedia says “young, attractive men dance and provide sexual services to older men“, due to this by all rules I have I should of hated this movie.

But surprisingly I’m glad I stuck with it, Frank’s Boyfriend ends up falling thought a glass table naked and this is when the film really draws you in.

While Franks boyfriend is fine from the fall ,the Dr’s do some blood tests, but something is wrong with the test results. It turns out he has aids. Remember, this film is based in the early 80’s and aids was a pretty newly openly recognised thing (I am lead to believe, I may be wrong here, I don’t know much about it).

One of the Dr’s even calls it “The gay cancer” but he was soon put right by another Dr, played by Stephen Fry.

The 2nd half of the film is just heartbreaking. I won’t go into much about it as I don’t want to spoil it.

The love story in this film is maybe one of the best ones I have ever watched in a film. Had me in tears in the end.

Newt x

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