Saviour Snacks Product Review – 9th July

Saviour Snacks Product Review – 9th July

Hey Guys,

Today’s blog is a review on the company Saviour Snacks.

I had a Facebook message in early June from a nice girl called Laura asking if I had ever used Saviour Snacks before as she had read my blogs on Graze. I had never used or even heard of Saviour Snacks before, but thought I would give them a go.

On Monday 16th of June I placed an order for something called “The Ultimate Box” at a cost of £4.95 (The box was £14.95, but they give £10 off to new customers). This then gave Saviour Snacks 6 days to deliver the box as it was my birthday on Saturday 21st June and I thought it would have been a nice gift to myself.

Come Wednesday 18th it was still saying “Processing”, I took to Twitter and asked why they had still not sent the box, the reply was “Hi, we dispatch all orders for the week on Friday. Your box should reach you by Monday.” So in other words they ONLY ship orders once a week. You have to ask yourself why? Do they only have staff that work one day a week? Do they save the orders so they get a better deal with Royal Mail if they send it in bulk? Do they take money on Mondays and ship on Friday’s so they can earn interest on our money?

Anyway, I waited and come Saturday I went to login to the website and it was down, pretty much all weekend it was down Come on now guys, it’s not hard to keep a website live. I am talking from experience as I run a web hosting company myself.


Then came Monday and yep, you guessed it, no order arrived. Some new DVDs came that I was happy about, but no Saviour Snacks order 🙁

The following day I did have a e-mail to ask if it arrived, I replied informing them I still had nothing, but they blanked this e-mail from me.


So here we are, now the 9th of July, no order, no refund, no contact, nothing at all. So while I can not review the box, I have reviewed the service they offer and well, it’s appalling and that’s putting it nicely.

Don’t forgot, if you want me to try a company drop me a tweet, fackbook message or e-mail, I’m here to make sure you don’t get ripped-off

Till next time,
Newt xx


UPDATE (10th July 2014):

Today I received an email from a spokesperson which said this in response to the above blog review…

Dear Newt, we are so very sorry that you’ve had such a dire experience with us. Please know that this is absolutely not the service we wish our customers to receive. It sounds like unfortunately your box got lost in the post (or your post-man got a bit snack happy) so we’re sending you another box, which should be with you Monday and have refunded your money. As such a small and young company, I do hope you can bare with us whilst we grow and improve. Reviews affect us all personally and we take all feedback to heart to learn from. We do hope you’ll truly enjoy your box of healthy snacks. Sarah

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