Review – Receipt Hog – 28th March 2016

Review – Receipt Hog – 28th March 2016

Hey Guys,

If you have me on Twitter or Facebook, then you will already know how I like to find new and strange ways to earn money….and this last month I have found something perfect.

We all know how to get our shopping cheaper, whether it is a cashback credit card, or cashback websites like Quidco. Maybe just using But what do you do after your shopping with the receipts? Bin, pocket, just chuck them on the floor? (which I do not agree with, keep Britain tidy and all that).

But did you know if you take a photo, and upload with a app you can actually earn a few quid from it? Crazy right. I am not saying it will get you rich or anything like that. But making a few quid from just uploading a photo of a receipt? It’s a no brainer.

Literally all you need to-do is download Receipt Hog via the ‘App Store’ for iPhone. Or ‘Google Play’ for Android, sign up, and start uploading a receipt each time you pop to the shops. If you put the code “fop42559” in you get 10 extra spins for free. (there is a game in the app where you spin and can earn more coins, or even earn the cost of your shopping fully refunded). But if you do not want that, feel free to just download the app without putting the code in.

You earn “coins” for each receipt you upload, then cash-out the coins for Amazon vouchers or Paypal money. That is really it, it is that simple.

I know what you all will be thinking. Why would a company pay for our old receipts? Well Receipt Hog is owned by a market research company. So they use the data of what we buy, how much we spend, and things like that.

Before I posted this blog I wanted to ask 2 friends to try it, and this is Karl. Karl is one of those people who if it takes work, he will not do it lol. While I also enjoy doing surveys to earn online too, Karl wont, it is too much work, he likes to keep things simple as possible. I asked him to sum-up Receipt Hog and this is what he came back with. Straight and to the point.

Next up Andy, and Andy has actually made a very good point. When you do your shopping, in Tesco lets say, you can still get your normal Tesco clubcard points, and the Receipt Hog app points are just another bonus.

So yeah, sign up, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Till next time,
Lee/Newt 🙂

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