Product Review – Degustabox – 1st October 2014

Product Review – Degustabox – 1st October 2014

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about a company called Degustabox. Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea who Degustabox were, but I did start to get spam e-mails from a third party asking me to try them. I kept deleting these e-mails but one day decided to just give it a read and see who they are.

It looked like they are a company that sends you 1 box of grocery products per month (around the end of the month) and most of the items are new items from well known brands or from small unknown brands. As I was worried incase they were a scam I decided to sign up and use my spam e-mail address and also my Halifax bank card (as the Halifax are awesome at doing Visa charge-backs if anything goes wrong). As this was the start off the month I had a few weeks to wait, but come the end something started to happen.

I first had a text from Parcel Force on the evening before delivery, 1 on the morning of delivery and 1 90mins before delivery. How awesome is that? It’s not as good as DPD who give you 1 hour slots and also e-mail you a map of the drivers route, but Parcel Force do come a close 2nd. I was also impressed this “spam company” didn’t use Yodel or something like that. So before the box even arrived I was happy.

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When the box did arrive I was again impressed, they used good quality packaging, no cheap rubbish, the box was not falling apart so you can in-fact re-use the box again if you would like to, I have and it’s still holding up strong.

In the box I had the following

  • Mexican Dave’s – RRP £1
  • Berry White – RRP £1.59
  • Schwartz Flavour Shots – RRP £1.39
  • Caribbean Twist – RRP £2.50
  • Lindt Chocolates – RRP £3.49
  • Cawston Press – RRP £1.89 (for pack of 3)
  • Brioche Pasquier – RRP £1.69
  • Dr.Oetker Edible Wafer Cases – RRP £2.50
  • Brioche Pasquier, the new ones – RRP £1.79

Total Box RRP: £17.84

Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

My favourite out of this lot had to be Mexican Dave’s, I really did like them. In-fact I have been onto there website to see if they are sold online, or even on Amazon, but nope. So even though I really did enjoy them and would buy them again I can not see it happening. I was also impressed with the Berry White drink, when I read the bottle I was expecting “eww yuck”, but could not of been more wrong, it was really really nice. As for the Schwartz Flavour Shots, I have had them before so I knew they where nice!

Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9

As for “rip-offs” as I like to call them. Pack of 6 Dr.Oetker Edible Wafer Cases for £2.50? yeah right, like any normal person would pay that lol. In-fact I would even say these should be sold at £1 so they can go into all the pound shops, £2.50 is just terrible. I hate to call Lindt Chocolates a rip-off too, but at £3.49 for just a small tin of chocolates is far too higher price. My guess is these will only be sold around valentine day. While Lindt do make nice chocolates, the price is just too high and safe to say I would not be buying these myself.

Photo 10 Photo 11 Photo 12

And the rest…. I did enjoy the 2 Brioche Pasquier, I remember we used to sell them at Sainsburys when I worked there and always wanted to try them, but never did. The same can’t be said for Cawston Press, for some reason I have never wanted to try a juice box haha, but that was nice too. Would not buy again as I have no need for them, but it was really nice, as for Caribbean Twist – I’m not much of a drinker and truth be told I kept putting this off, but it was nice. It didn’t taste like booze at all, it felt like I was having a normal drink. Truth be told, if I didn’t wake up with a hurting head the following day I would buy them again, it was that nice.

All in all the box is really good value, £12 for the box including delivery with a RRP of 17 quid. It’s also nice to eat and drink things that I would never normally buy!

I will be getting the Degustabox for at least the next 6 months so will keep you all updated.

Newt x

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