Product Review – 12th August 2014 – Inbox Pounds

Product Review – 12th August 2014 – Inbox Pounds

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about a website called Inbox Pounds. I planned to-do this blog last month, but it kept going further and further down on my todo list. But hey, better late than never :p

First off, what Is Inbox Pounds? Well it’s a website that sends you e-mails and pays you 1p each time you confirm the e-mail. While 1p might sounds like nothing, this is not how you are meant to use the site, I guess it’s just there way of telling us about offers and each time we click on to confirm a e-mail, we get taken to the website.

On the website there is a number of ways to earn little bits of money, then each time you hit £20 they send you a cheque in the post. It would be better if they did PayPal or Amazon Vouchers, but again, I think it’s just a way of hoping people forget to cash them haha.

IP 1

As you can see from above I do 2 things to earn my little bit of money, the 1p e-mails, plus the surveys. The surveys range from 8p to £5 depending on how long they are. It’s very very important not to just tick any old box to try and “skip” the surveys as fast as you can as systems are in place to catch you out. It’s also important not to talk about what you do in the surveys and / or try and take screen shots as again, they will catch you out.

While it might sound nothing, £5 for a survey, it all ads up. Plus it can lead onto other things. I want to give you an example. I can’t name the brand, so lets called them Brand A.

Brand A get people to-do a survey on sports drinks, it takes around 15mins and they pay you 50p into your Inbox Pounds account. Brand A is happy, and you are happy too, but at the very end they ask if you would like to take part in a closed market research online group. They trust you now as you have just spent 15mins for 50p.

Brand A turns out to be a well known energy drink company and they pay you £50 per month to take part in the online market research group. All they do is e-mail you each time they want you to-do something, this could be to pop down to the local Tesco and take a photo of the energy drink shelf. Look at the offers, use there special app to take photo. Or it could be to watch there new advert and give feedback on it and over a few months see the advert change on your feedback, then when you see the advert in the middle of Corrie you will know you have been a part of that. They even send you a case of drinks every few months, this could be there best seller, something that is not on sale in the UK, or sometimes a new drink for you to try.

Brand A are getting so much from you and you are getting a nice 50 quid each month, plus freebies along the way too. So think on, when you are getting paid 50p for a survey you have no idea where it may lead. Just try your best and you may get picked.

But remember all that is on-top of Inbox Pounds, it’s a totally different company. They use such websites like Inbox Pounds to find people like me, who enjoy earning free money and Amazon vouchers.

Oh and for the people who think Inbox Pounds is as scam you are not alone. I thought that at the start too, but they have paid me as you can see from the 2 photos below



Till next time,
Newt x

12 thoughts on “Product Review – 12th August 2014 – Inbox Pounds

  1. i have just joined inbox pounds about a week ago. I was concerned about it being a scam,but thankyou for comfirming otherwise. Ive only done a couple of surveys and have already earned 3 pounds. It was only my second time on the website today, im plesently supprised. As you said a few pence here and there doesnt sound like much but it all dds up. You showing me proof of payments has now encouraged me to use more of my spare time on the website.Twenty pounds is a lot of money to me and will be well spent. Thanks again!!!!!!! x

    • Hi have u revived any payment yet because I just earnd £20 the my chque will be posted on the 7th how many days dose it take you revive it as I live in London plz let me also can you cash it in post offive thanks

  2. Hi guys I earnd payment of £20 dose anyone know after the payment is posted to you how many days the post takes to get to you my post code is london

  3. Been on the website about 10-20 minutes already earnt £1.60 I must admit though I really did think it was all a scam whilst I have been on it so I searched it up to check and know I know it is 100% not! Great Website! Great ideas! Thank you to the person that showed their proof by their recepit it really did re assure me! 🙂 Really happy!

  4. Well done, but how much can you actually earn there in a month without spending money ?

    • Lukano,

      I’ve not spent a penny since i stared using Inbox Pounds, and still being paid now. I’ve done a update blog the other week too if you would like to read a update 🙂

  5. InboxPounds is great , I have been using it for about two years and I enjoy getting the cheques.

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