Pets at Home Special with Bella

Pets at Home Special with Bella

Hey Guys,

Today I want to talk about my baby girl, Bella. For those of you who don’t know Bella is my 3 year old Japanese Akita, who is massive.

Let me start with how I got Bella,  my friend first got her but after a few weeks he needed to move house and was not able to take her with him. While I do not agree with paying for animals when there are so many at places like the dogs trust that need re-homing I had started to already bond with Bella so ended up paying £100 for her as I could not bare to see her leave.

I remember when first getting her she was such a shy dog, spending her time just staying in my living room and not wanting to go anywhere else in the house, after a few weeks I manages to get her upstairs with me, where I spend most of my day as that is where my office is as I work from home.

Following a few weeks of her knowing where I was spending all my time and getting used to the house, as soon as we would get back to the house after our morning walk she would rush up to where I work before I could even get the front door shut behind us, waiting for me to put a DVD on for her to watch while I worked.

I also hate leaving her at home so when I do need to go into town 99% of the time she comes with me. Even when I need to-go into the bank, Bella comes too, while normally dogs are not allowed into the bank the branch manager lets me (lets face it, I would kick off on Twitter if they said no lol) so it’s all good.

It was Bella’s birthday last month, she hit her 3rd birthday. The nice thing is pretty much everyone knowns Bella is very important to me and she did get a few bits thought the post for her birthday, but one company I would like to talk about is Pets At Home.

I must admit, I do have a love-hate friendship with Pets At Home’s Chris who run the social media side of things…….

A few of you will remember Pets At Home was on BBC Watchdog just a couple of years ago and they also ran a very strange 1p promotion in the new year that went wrong. But those two things are in the past now and the only thing I do have is a playful dig about is them not letting us use vouchers/coupons online…..yet.

Back to the point…

As most of you noticed I posted on Twitter that is was Bella’s birthday and Chris sent me a DM saying sorry its going to be late but you might want to stay in for a parcel coming in the next few days, which I thought was kinda odd as I hadn’t ordered anything, but since I was having a busy day sorting out work stuff I kinda overlooked it.

A few days later the doorbell went and the delivery man was standing there with a parcel addressed to Bella, so I took it up to the office, sat on the floor with her and we opened it up.

Inside was this little note:


and after I took the note out her head was right in as she had found the treats…


So I told her she had to be good and wait till we had finished unpacking the box before having any.

I love the idea of now having the treats games as instead of just trying to take the whole packet off of me she now has to work a little for them, although at first she was a bit puzzled as to why I was putting them in a toy, but since then she has worked it out she loves the idea.

After having a few treats and playing her games, I gave her the bunny toy and told her to take it to bed, which she did and cuddled up with it, obviously playing and the excitement wore her out a little.


The next morning before our walk I asked her if she wanted to try out her new lead, and she gave a big smile and started massively wagging her tail when I showed her, so we took that, the new poop bag dispenser, which does make life so much easier, and the pet gps tracker as I thought it would be cool to see how far we really do go for our walk. I personally love this little gizmo for tracking our walks to see where we go and how far.

IMG_0083 IMG_0077IMG_0078
Both Bella and myself would again like to say a big thank you to Chris from the social media team at Pets At Home for sending the box of presents for her, and letting us try out some of their stuff that we would not normally have got around to trying out.

Newt and Bella x

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