Mystery Shopper and New T-Shirts – 17th March 2014

Mystery Shopper and New T-Shirts – 17th March 2014

Hey Guys,

As a Mystery Shopper sometimes I need to be careful on how I find work, but at the same time companies need to be careful on how they find people like me who want to do the work. I can hear you all say now “just use google”, but it’s not that easy. There are a number of scams around that pray on people who want to become Mystery Shoppers.

I have found other ways to find Mystery Shopping work, for example, Dan and myself went for a meal out last month and while we had the meal I took photos of the food, outside, the toilets etc, and kept making notes on my phone, then when I got home (or it may have been the following morning, I forget), I used my notes to make a full assessment and e-mailed it (along with the photos) to the managing director. It worked perfectly as not only did I receive a full refund on the meal, plus an extra refund as a payment for my time and effort, but he also gave me more work as a Mystery Shopper too. Like I say, this is only one example, but most of the time it does work for me.

Now onto a another subject matter…… Since meeting Dan I have been leaving the house in “normal daytime” hours much much more, instead of just leaving the house at night, and with the addition of losing weight I needed to buy some new clothes.

As a cheap-skate (or as a money saver as I like to call it) I don’t really want to spend a lot of money on clothes. So for the last few months I have been buying and wearing some cheap Fruit Of The Loom t-shirts from Amazon at around £5-£6 and also some smart black trousers that I get each time I go on TV (I think they buy me M&S ones to be honest).

However I’m really missing an opportunity to advertise, where? On my t-shirts, but I don’t want to advertise any of my companies at the moment. Instead I started looking for some t-shirts that could be branded with information about me on, just on the off-chance I could get some more Mystery Shopping work that way.

Last time I got some t-shirts with my company details on a few years ago I paid around £2 each, they lasted maybe a month, before they were placed in the bin. So this time I wanted to pay around £6 and get some half-decent ones done that would last a lot longer.

In the end I ended up going with a company called Novoco Embroidery. Why? Simple really, a friend of mine works there. He did me a quote and it came back at £8 per t-shirt, plus VAT.

I can’t lie, I did not plan on spending this much on t-shirts and I did need to take a few days to think about it. In the end I bit the bullet and went for it. (Don’t forget, I spend on average around £1 a week on electricity so £50 on t-shirts is like a full year of electricity to me).

The t-shirts came last week and got to say, I love them, I had one on yesterday for my mid-afternoon run and the quality is amazing. I do own a few £12 t-shirts (that I got sent for free to test for market research) and these branded ones from Novoco are so much better. In-fact they do remind me of the t-shirts I used to wear when I worked at the Hilton a few years back.

I should also say, the quality of these t-shirts really do feel like they will last a long time and between me and you, I have already e-mailed my accountant to ask if I can get some more lol.

Till next time,

Newt x

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