My Water Bill – Yorkshire Water – 15th June 2015

My Water Bill – Yorkshire Water – 15th June 2015

Hey Guys,

My Yorkshire Water bill have arrived in my online account today. Just to give a quick overview for any new readers. I pay Yorkshire Water 2 amounts. My weekly Standing Charge is £1.33 per week. But I pay £2.00 per week, for 2 reasons, to round off, and so my Yorkshire Water account can climb into credit without me even thinking about it. Apart from my weekly Standing Charge, I also pay £4.00 (It’s £2.82 but I round off again) each time I use one full unit. As my weekly target for water is 0.250 units, my goal is to use just 1 full unit per month.

Anyway, my bill…

YW 1
As you can see from the above screen shot. My Yorkshire Water account was showing a credit of £72.70, my bill for this quarter (3 months) is £31.17, and I’m left with a credit of £41.53.

So yep, I am happy with this. I have been billed and I have still got 40 quid credit on my account, this is all thanks to the rounding up. While I will be carrying on paying this way. I may need to give Yorkshire Water a tweet at some point to get a refund if my credit keeps building up this way.

YW 2

As for the units. I have unfortunately gone over my 1 unit per month (0.250 / week) target and used a massive 5 units and I am a little upset about. But it will all be ok, I think the reason I have used more water this time is due to the amount of walks me and Bella are having, so we are drinking more water.

Anyway, That’s my water bill.

Till next time,

Newt x

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