Meter Reading Monday – 7th October 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 7th October 2013

Hey Guys & welcome to another Meter Reading Monday. First off let me appoligise, I have been blogging the last 2 weeks as normal. But an error on Windows Live Writer meant my blogs was not getting posted. This has now been fixed and sorry for that.

Anyway, lets crack on with water,

As we know, I stopped using water back in May of this year as Yorkshire Water was charging me £14 A MONTH for standing charges. Shocking ain’t it? This was the reason I told them to stick it and went off mains water.

I now get £14 a month on bottled water instead, not only is it better it means Bella my dog gets to drink bottled water instead of the tap stuff.

From 1st – 30th September I did use mains water, this was due to me doing market research on washing powder so needed to use the washing machine. Yorkshire Water agreed to wave the £14 standing charges and just bill me for the units of water. I ended up using 10 units and that cost a shocking 27 quid.


As of now the mains water is turned off again and back to saving money on my water bill.

Next up gas,

Gas has still not been used. With a reading of 3449 for the 8 months now. I must admit, each time I get a gas bill and it’s £0.00 It does make this Yorkshire Lad smile.

Lastly Electricity,

  • Rate 1 reading: 00302. Which means I have used 26 units this week costing £4.83(excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00083. Which means I have used 5 units this week costing £0.42 (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £5.51

I’m not sure why I am using an extra 8-10 units these last few weeks though it maybe down to the washing machine being back on due to my market research, but since it’s off again now my units should go down again.

Till Tomorrow,

Newt x

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