Meter Reading Monday – 9th March 2015

Meter Reading Monday – 9th March 2015

Hey Guys,

It is 9 years to the day since the first ever episode of Waterloo Road was on BBCOne, so I have spent all day re-watching the first series.

I like Jack Rimmer as the head teacher, he always tried to-do his best for the school even if that meant breaking the rules every now and again, he is such a devil!

Anyway, today’s Meter Readings….


Weekly Standing Charge – £2

YW (3)

As for the Units: My water meter reading this week is 00046.656, means I have used 0.265 units these last 7 days, as my target s 0.250 per week I am a little bit over, but not massively. I have upped Bella’s walks over the last few weeks so I’m guessing this is why I keep going over, due to her drinking more. It is cool, I will just need to find a new way to lower my own usage, so she can drink her water more! (It’s ALWAYS important pets have fresh clean water 24/7).


Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.


Reading this week is 00121 Means I used 5 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £0.84 (including VAT).

SSE (11)

This is now the 2nd week running I am back to under the £1 mark again which is really good news. I think this is also thanks to me walking Bella more, as I am away from my laptop, so it is a win for her, and a win for my electricity bill too. Oh and as normal I have rounded the 84p up to £1 so my SSE account can climb into credit without me even thinking about it.

Till tomorrow when I have another update on Swagbucks,

Newt x

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