Meter Reading Monday – 9th February 2015

Meter Reading Monday – 9th February 2015

Hey Guys,

I watched Chicken Little yesterday morning, such a cute film. Loved the relationship between Little and his dad, but also loved the Ugly Duckling and the Runt too.

In-fact I could see a lot of myself in the Runt, he started off singing the Spice Girls, broke into song at least 4 other times in the film, when he gets scared or has a panic attack he would sing to calm down. I also loved when he uses song lyrics to talk – I mean he is just perfect. Disney should of done a Chicken Little 2, or even given Runt his own show as loved him, so funny!

Loved some of Runt’s quotes too, my fave being when he was getting told off by his mum “Runt, that’s enough! Don’t make Mommy take away your Streisand collection.“ and he replies with “Mom! You leave Barbra out of this“ Just love him!

Anyway we can’t just sit here and talk about how awesome Chicken Little is, better get on with the meter readings.



Weekly Standing Charge – £2

YW (1)

As for the Units: This week my water meter reading is 00045.295, means I have used 0.235 these last 7 days. As my weekly target is 0.250 per week I’m just under again so it’s all good.



Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.



Reading this week is 00093 Means I used 5 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £0.84 (including VAT)

SSE (8)

As normal I have rounded the £0.84 up to £1 so my SSE Account can climb into credit without me even thinking about it. With being over the last few weeks it’s really nice to be under the £1 mark again.

Till tomorrow here is another song from Chicken Little to keep you going,

Newt x

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