Meter Reading Monday – 9th December 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 9th December 2013

Hey Guys,

As always lets start off with Yorkshire Water.

In case you missed my special Yorkshire Water blog post on Friday I have started using water again. They have agreed to slash my standing charge from £14 a month to just over £6. We have agreed I will pay £7 (to cover the standing charge and to get a little bit in credit) on the 1st Meter Reading Monday of each month, and each time I use 1 unit make a £4 payment.

Today’s reading is 00022.020, this means I have used 2 unit’s at £4 each = £8.00


Normally I will be using less than 1 unit a week, but since I started to use water on Friday I spent all weekend giving the house a massive deep-clean, washing every piece of clothing I own and shampooing the carpets, this is why this weeks is high.

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Gas is still not being used, with a reading of 3449 again, this weeks bill is £0.

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  • Rate 1 this week is 00382, Means I have used 6 units at £0.1994 a unit = £1.20 (excluding VAT)
  • Rate 2 this week is 00097, Means I have used 1 unit at £0.0768 a unit = £0.0768 (excluding VAT)

This means this weeks electric total including VAT £1.34

This has been the best week since early November 2013, so am very happy about that. I was expecting it to be high with me using the Bissell carpet cleaner, but nope, so made up with this.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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