Meter Reading Monday – 8th December 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 8th December 2014

Hey Guys,

I’ve done a couple of new blog posts this weekend, one about the website Swagbucks, and one about Vivatic. If you follow me on Twitter or have me on Facebook you will know how much I love my free Amazon vouchers, so have done a few blog posts on the best way on how to get them, more so with Christmas around the corner.

Anyway, let’s crack on with today.



Weekly Standing Charge – £2

YWSC (1)

Units: This week my water meter reading is 00042.536, means I have used 0.308 these last 7 days. I am over my 0.250 target this week, but I’m fine with this, as for the last few weeks I’ve been under target. This week I did a washing machine load so knew I would be over.



Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.



This week’s electricity reading is 00033, Means I used 8 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £1.33 (including VAT)

SSE (1)

As normal I have rounded the £1.33 up to £1.50 so my SSE Account can climb into credit.

Till next week,

Newt x

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