Meter Reading Monday – 7th September 2015

Meter Reading Monday – 7th September 2015

Hey Guys,

You will notice a few changes this morning. First being the name, yep, I’ve finally got round to moving from, to

It’s much easier to remember, and let us be honest, most of you know me for my 0871 number and no matter how much I try, I’m never going to get away from that.

The website is not fully finished yet, I have barley started with the whole revamp, so please don’t worry about blank pages, errors, things moving around etc. But I might keep the blue, I like that!

Anyway, Meter Reading Monday…..



Weekly Standing Charge – £2

As for the units, this week my water meter is showing a reading of 00057.785, this means I have used 0.254 units of water these last 7 days. As my weekly target is 0.250 I am only over by 0.004 units and even I can not kick off about that lol.



Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.



The electricity reading this week is 00280 which means I used 5 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £0.84 (including VAT).
As my target is £1 a week, it’s really nice to be back on target again after being over the last few weeks. Oh and as always, I have rounded the 84p up to £1 so my SSE account can slowly climb into credit.
Till next time,
Lee (Newt)

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