Meter Reading Monday – 7th December 2015

Meter Reading Monday – 7th December 2015

Hey Guys,

So there have been some pretty big changes over the last few weeks, due to the fact I am thinking about moving house and renting this place out. So I have started to get some work done that needs to be done to be able to make it all legal to rent my house out.

In the last few week I have had a roofer on the roof just to have a check and do a bit of pointing, nothing massively needed doing, just a tidy up job.

I have also had fire alarms fitted, I used to have battery powered ones, but needed to have them replaced with ones that are connected to the electric to be able to rent it out.

In addition I have also finally had a brand new gas boiler installed. I have not had a boiler since 2011, as I have had no need for one, but again, due to wanting to rent it out I have needed to get one installed.

Because it is a new boiler I have needed to keep it on full for the last few weeks to make sure there is no problems with it. Now I just have to keep the boiler on for a few hours a week to keep it active, just to make sure it does not brake down.

Anyway, meter readings


This week my water meter is showing a reading of 00062.890, this means I have used 2.779 units of water since I took the last reading on the 4th of November. Due to all the building work and changes that has been going on the last month I do not mind breaking my targets, and now all the work has finished (for the time being) we can get back to normal from today.


For the last 4 years my gas reading has been 3449, but with the new boiler being installed and the fact it has had to be on full for the last week I knew I would have a massive bill for the gas.

Going forward I will be having the boiler on for 2 hours each evening (because I need to keep it on due to it being so new). This could change to 1 hour, or 3 hours, as right now I have no idea how much 2 hours of gas per day will cost me.

The reading today is 3533, so I have used 84 units which has cost me £48.13. I have no idea if this is including VAT or not, I also do not know how much I pay per unit on gas, these things I will find out this week, so when it comes to next Meter Reading Monday I will know how much to pay and roughly how many units I use, then from this can give myself a new gas target.


Reading this week is 00685 which means I used 347 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £55.21 (including VAT).

When I took this reading today I have to be honest, I was shocked, 347 units in 4 weeks? I know I have had building work done, but come on how much electric do power-tools and lights use, ain’t these people heard of energy efficient equipment? That’s pretty much £14 per week!
Thank goodness the work has now finished and I can now get back to normal again!

Till next Monday,
Lee / Newt x

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