Meter Reading Monday – 6th November 2017

Meter Reading Monday – 6th November 2017

Hey Guys,

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 10094, which means I have used 21 units = £4.42 (including Standing Charges) this past 7 days, which is actually less then last weeks to my surprise. Last week I used £5.05 (Including Standing Charges).

I have had my slow cooker on pretty much everyday this week, for 6-8 hours, so was expecting my electricity to grow. But for it to lower? Impressed, maybe slow cookers do not use as much power as I thought after all!!!

Today’s reading is 12690 which means I have used 336 units since last week = £14.84 (including Standing Charges), which is a tiny bit more than last week when I used £12.62 (Including Standing Charges), but with how cold it has been this week I am really not surprised I have used more. But on the other hand 4 weeks at £14 a week would mean I would be spending £56 a month on gas alone. This is far far far far far too high, so want to try and get it under £10 next week!

Today’s water meter is showing a reading of 00066.964 which means this past week I have used 0.645 units, that I am very pleased about. Last week was 0.917, so using less water and electricity at the moment which is very good. Just a shame about the gas units rising.

As I have not used 67 main units yet, and I am still on 66 I have not needed to make any unit payments to Yorkshire Water, just the normal £3 for the weekly standing charge 🙂

Till Next Week,

The 0871 Man x

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