Meter Reading Monday – 6th June 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 6th June 2016

Hey Guys,

I went to the cinema yesterday morning to watch the new Thomas movie, Thomas and Friends: The Great Race, that came out just a few weeks ago. If you have had me on Twitter/Facebook for a long time then you would know how much I do love Thomas, and have series 1-16 on DVD.

Some shows you watch as a child just die and when you watch them all grown up the enjoyment has gone, but then you get shows like Thomas which just never get old.

I have put the video of the trailer below, but if you do not fancy going to the cinema to watch it you can always pre-order on Amazon. I have, because I know I will want to watch it again. MUCH better than the last film I saw at the cinema: Paper Towns, which is just so bad I actually fell asleep while watching it!

Now back to this weeks meter readings…

water-bannerWeekly Standing Charge £2
As for the units, this week my meter is showing a reading of 00006.605, this means I have used 0.210 of water these last 7 days.

gas-banner-sainsMy Gas meter today is showing a reading of 10792.468, this means I have used 6.812 of units this past week. I still can not work out gas units, and British Gas has been awful trying to help me. But as 7 units is £2.50, the 6 units I have used this week must be less than the £2.50, so that is something at least!

elec-banner-sainsElectricity meter this week is 08097, which means I have used 8 units this week @ £0.13p per unit = £1.04, so easy to work out. Wish Gas was like this too lol.

Till next time,

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