Meter Reading Monday – 6th January 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 6th January 2014

Hey Guys,

Welcome to 2014. It was a really enjoyable 2013 for me, so let’s see what this year brings shall we?

Let’s crack on…

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Water, (Yorkshire Water).

As it’s the first Meter Reading Monday of the month we need to pay our £7 Standing Charge for January 2014. (For more info on my water prices click HERE)


Today’s water reading is 00023.801, this means I have used 0.220 units these last 7 days, but as I am still on 00023 main units and not hit 00024 yet I do not need to make any payment for the units this week.

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Gas (Scottish Power),

As always, the gas meter reading is 3449 with a £0 bill.

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Electricity (SSE/Ebico),

  • Rate 1 this week is 00459, means I have used 7 units at £0.1994 a unit = £1.39. (excluding VAT)
  • Rate 2 this week is 00112, means I have used 2 units at £0.0768 a unit = £0.15. (excluding VAT)

This means this weeks electric total including VAT £1.61

I am very happy to be getting low again on my electricity now xmas is out of the way, I still want to start hitting £1 a week, but I am pleased with £1.61 this week.

Till tomorrow,
Newt x

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