Meter Reading Monday – 3rd October 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 3rd October 2016

Hey Guys,

Bit of a strange weekend. I seem to of upset 2 of my main friends. Only got one left to upset, Andy, which is funny as he is normally the first friend I upset (The week has only just started plenty of time to go yet!).

Plus I have also managed to give the house a good clean too, and managed to get rid of loads of crap I did not need any more, plus finally boxed up an old printer. Started to box it up 2 weeks ago, and finished it this weekend, talk about lazy!!!Also watched some old Disney stuff too, the shorts from the 1930’s-1960’s. While I am not the biggest Disney fan, I do love the old stuff. Also managed 14k steps yesterday on my Fitbit that I am pleased about.

Again, sorry for a few dead bits on my website, currently updating it, and if you are reading this on a laptop/desktop I know the photo of me on the header is far far too big, would not be surprised it I was scaring kids haha

Anyway, meter readings, I did not do a blog last week so this is covering 2 weeks….

water-bannerWeekly Standing Charge: £2 (Last week)

Weekly Standing Charge: £2 (This week)

As for the units, today my meter is showing a reading of 00017.735, which means I have used 1.074 units over the last 2 weeks, little over my target, but as the washing machine has pretty much been on all weekend I am not too fussed about it.

Also, as I have used 1 main unit of water, I need to make a £4 payment for that unit, plus the £4 for the 2 x £2 weekly standing charge = £8 payment.


gas-banner-sainsMy meter is showing a reading of 10886.063, which means I have used 5.218 units of gas these last 2 weeks = £6.04


Electricity meter reading this week is 08257, which means I have used 15 units since my blog 2 weeks ago = £4.91


£6.04 (Gas) + £4.91 (Electricity) = £10.95


I know £10.95 for 2 weeks is shockingly high, but do not worry, this week I have started to look into moving away from Sainsbury’s Energy / British Gas and have already sent a few emails looking into prices with other companies etc.

Oh and also, while my account is in credit by £74.19 I have not really used 74 quid of energy, I am not THAT mad lol, I had a £20 goodwill added on last week, plus I also pay £5 per month via Direct Debit (as well as my card payments) so I can get the Direct Debit discount!

Till next time,

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