Meter Reading Monday – 3rd November 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 3rd November 2014

Hey Guys,

I have reached a new all time low this week (In a good way), I have only used 4 units of electric. I have never planned to get this low and to be honest I haven’t really tried as it seems a little silly to do so, but having only used 4 units I started to think how I have managed it and it’s thanks to Tesco! Yes Tesco, the supermarket lol.

You see, on a normal week I only use 3 things that run on electricity. My laptop, my hot water dispenser and my slow cooker. That’s it, yes I use other things every now and again, but those 3 things are what I use week in week out.

I also do one £15-£25 food shop per week and get it delivered on a Tuesday via Tesco, this week Tesco had a offer “Spend £20 on fruit and veg and get £5 off” and as I like a good offer I spent £20 on fruit, then £5 on some bread, quorn and cheese to hit the £25 minimum spend for free deliver.

So because of this I have not used the slow cooker as I have only been eating fruit and sandwiches, and also I haven’t really drunk much tea as the weather has been nice and warm. That’s how I have managed to use only 4 units of electricity, just by not cooking. Crazy, like I say I didn’t even try, it was just thanks to Tesco’s offer.

Anyway, lets crack on with this weeks readings….

Water (Yorkshire Water)

Weekly Standing Charge – £2

YWSC (3)

Units: This week my water meter reading is 00041.271, means I have used 0.181 of units of water these last 7 days. Very happy with my water again this week, managed to get under my 0.250 weekly target again.

Gas (Ebico / SSE)

Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.

Electricity (Ebico / SSE)


This week’s electricity reading is 00100, Means I used 4 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £0.67 (including VAT)


That 67p  is the the cheapest I have ever had my weekly electricity bill, it wont happen often, but I’m very very happy this week!

Till next time,

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